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Career, Employment and Job Opportunities in Fishery in Nigeria

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This article would give you a deep insight into the career, employment, and job opportunities of fishery in Nigeria.

What is Fishery all about?

Fishery as a course and occupation is an aspect of agriculture. It simply involves the rearing of fish for commercial purposes or uses.
career opportunities in fishery in Nigeria
Fishery as a course and occupation is also the act of rearing, harvesting and selling fishes for a livelihood.

Importance of Fishery to Nigeria

It is important to say that People view fishery as an underrated course. This is because they believe that graduates in fishery can’t work in big industries like oil and gas. Some people believe that the career opportunities for graduates in fishery are so slim.
Well, the importance of fishery takes a different turn when compared to Nigeria’s most desired courses like engineering.
There are so many beneficial importances of fishery in Nigeria.
The study of fishery revolves around fish. The relevance of fishery as a course, therefore, depends on the economic importance of fish.
To be frank, fish is of economic importance. It is a source of important nutrients such as protein and vitamin D.
Fish also helps to lower the risk of heart attack and strokes.
Fish also contain nutrients that are important during growth and development.
Some of the following are the importance of fish in Nigeria and beyond;
      1.     It promotes the production of fish. Today, fish provides people with most of their daily animal protein.
Fish provides nutrients that are essential for growth and development in children.
      2.     It ensures better ways of fish farming. The productivity of fisheries and aquaculture is vital to reducing poverty and hunger for millions in the developing world. Fishery improves food and nutritional security.
      3.     Fishery improves livelihoods and promotes economic growth.
      4.     The study of fishery also promotes better fishing practices
      5.     Fishery as a career also brings employment opportunities.

Skill Requirements needed to be Successful in Fishery in Nigeria

To be successful in fishery, you must have the following skills;
      ·        Must be hardworking
      ·        Good Management skill
      ·        Good communication skill
      ·        Business experience and expertise
      ·        Excellent observation or monitoring skill
      ·        Conduct environmental impact assessment
      ·        Write, read and comprehend scientific data or reports
      ·        Ability to work independently

Career Opportunities in Fishery in Nigeria

The following are the career opportunities available for graduates in fishery in Nigeria
     ·        Fish Law Enforcement Officer
     ·        Fish Manager
     ·        Marine Biologist
     ·        Fish Area Manager
     ·        Zoo/ Aquarium Animal Caretaker
     ·        Extension Agent
     ·        Endangered Species Biologist
     ·        Hatchery Manager
     ·        Environmental Educator

Employment Opportunities for Fishery Graduates in Nigeria

The following are the places that employ the services of graduates in fishery;
      ·        Commercial Farms
      ·        Central Government Agencies like Marine Product Export Development Authority (MPEDA)
      ·        Research Institutes
      ·        Entrepreneur (Self Employed)

Jamb UTME Subject Combination to Study Fishery in Nigeria

     ·        English Language (compulsory)
     ·        Chemistry
     ·        Biology/ Agricultural Science and
·        Any other science subject

O’level Subject Combination to Study Fishery in Nigeria

To study fishery in Nigeria, you require five SSCE credit passes in;
     1.     Biology
     2.     Agricultural science
     3.     Chemistry
     4.     Mathematics
5.     English with other subjects

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