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Doctorate or Ph.D. Degree Salary in Nigeria (Shocking!)

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This article would give you an insight into doctorate or Ph.D. holders’ salary in Nigeria. 

Doctorate or Ph.D. Degree Salary in Nigeria

Doctorate or Ph.D. Degree.

The doctorate degree or Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) is considered the highest degree attainment in any recognized academic institution.
The doctorate degree or Ph.D. is therefore associated with some level of honor. Doctorate or Ph.D. degree holders are referred to as Doctors with or without a job.
Yes, this is because they are considered gurus in their field and have contributed to their field significantly through research.
This surely is not an easy degree to acquire in Nigeria. It usually takes three to five years with an intense commitment to obtain Doctorate or Ph.D. degree in Nigeria.

Doctorate Degree or Ph.D. in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country home to different opportunities. Though, Nigeria is still far from reaching her true potential. This, therefore, makes poverty and hardship common in Nigeria. As a result, scarcity of jobs has become prevalent, as many existing establishments are forced to shut down.
The quest for a job has led so many graduates to seek ways to beautify their CV profiles. This has led so many to obtain a Doctorate or Ph.D. degree. Frankly speaking, it has not been only the quest for a job that has made some Nigerians fight for a Ph.D. or doctorate degree but the love for academics or learning.
Again, so many graduates find themselves working in places that demand an improvement of their qualification, subsequently in their knowledge in a bid to get promoted.
This also has led so many people to acquire a Doctorate or Ph.D. degree.
Nigeria is home to so many Doctorate or Ph.D. degree holders. Although, they are very few when compared to the number of graduates in the country.
This implies that there are not so many doctorates or Ph.D. degree holders in Nigeria when compared to graduates.

Doctorate or Ph.D. Degree Holders and the Labor Market

Doctorate or Ph.D. degree holders are somewhat very few in the country. A majority of Doctorate or Ph.D. degree holders find themselves working in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
This is because the Ph.D. or a doctorate degree is mostly for those with a high level of interest in academics.
A major employer of Ph.D. or doctorate graduates in Nigeria is the tertiary institution. This is because tertiary institutions are the knowledge hub of the country.
Research institutes in Nigeria are next in line. They require Doctorate or Ph.D. degree holders to further or advance researches in a certain field.
We also have doctorate or Ph.D. degree holders working in corporate firms or industries like in the oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, etc. industries.
Doctorate degree holders or Ph.D. degree holders working with corporate industries are quite a few in numbers.
This is because corporate institutions stress less on obtaining a Ph.D. or doctorate degree.
They rather demand their employees to acquire a Master’s degree and are professionally certified. 
Some Ph.D. holders find themselves working with the government.

Average Ph.D. or Doctorate Degree Salary in Nigeria

This article was purposed to provide you with information on the Doctorate or Ph.D. degree salary in Nigeria. 
Ph.D. or doctorate degree holders’ salaries are mostly influenced by;
1.     Place of Employment
2.     Field of Study
3.     Additional Qualifications such as being professional certified.
In Nigeria, Ph.D. or Doctorate degree holders’ salary is between N250, 000 to N600, 000 on the average.

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