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Is Biochemistry a good course to study in Nigeria?

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Is Biochemistry a good course to study in Nigeria?

Is Biochemistry a good course to study in present-day Nigeria? How wise is it to obtain a degree in biochemistry as a Nigerian?

There is no doubt that every single degree is valuable. However, with the state of our economy, many courses or fields have lost their taste.

What then is the fate of the graduates or biochemistry degree holders? Does the degree of biochemistry still hold its value in Nigeria? Let’s see about that.

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is biochemistry a good course in Nigeria

What is Biochemistry?

A lot of people define biochemistry as the chemistry of life. There are not wrong. Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of life indeed. '
However, such a definition does not really say much to a novice or someone that knows literally nothing about the course.
The term “Bio” means life. Chemistry is defined as a branch of natural science that deals with the study of the structure of substances, and how they react when combined or in contact with one another or how the behave in different conditions.
So the study of substances within any living organisms could be said to be biochemistry.
It is important to know that the article is less concerned with shedding light into the concept of biochemistry but rather concerned with its impact and value in Nigeria.

Biochemistry and its influence in Nigeria

Biochemistry which is indeed the study of the chemistry of life has its role to play in the Nigerian economy.

Biochemistry is a course that emphasizes the study of the substances in living organisms and how those substances are being influenced by external and internal factors.

The complexities of factors that influence the substances of living organisms have given rise to several career options that come with the study of biochemistry in Nigeria. Among which includes nutritionists and dieticians.

The discipline of biochemistry influences three important sectors in Nigeria and they include; medicine, agriculture, and nutrition.

Measuring the impact of the Practice of Biochemistry in Nigeria

For so many years now, Nigerian tertiary institutions have been able to able to produce a large number of biochemists; so many of which are contributing well enough into the economy.

There is, however, a need for continuous development in the field, so as to face the never-ending war of survival.

Is a Biochemistry Degree Worth Obtaining in Nigeria?

Graduates of the discipline of biochemistry are offered employment in the medical, agriculture, and nutritional sector of Nigeria.

Biochemists work in hospitals in Nigeria. In hospitals, they can work as dieticians.

Biochemists also work in the agricultural sector. They can work in commercial farms to proffer solutions to poor crop yield. They also work with animal scientists to help improve the lives of animals.

Biochemists can work in agro-based industries that are concerned with food. They work in food processing firms.

There are quite a number of hospitals, food processing industries, and agricultural companies in Nigeria that biochemists can work with it.

There is, therefore, a need to challenge your existing skills as a biochemist and seek to be more competent.

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