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Top Best Marketable agricultural courses to study in Nigeria

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This article will not only interest but will educate you on the best agricultural courses to study in Nigeria. Before I reveal to you the best agricultural courses to study in Nigeria, it is important we look into important sub-headings.
Top Best Marketable agricultural courses to study in Nigeria

To be able to tell which agricultural course is the best in Nigeria, it is important to know what agriculture is. This is because agriculture is the umbrella body covering all of the considered courses in this article.
That implies that all of the courses from the top to the bottom is simply an area of specialization in agriculture.
Well, let’s proceed. Agriculture is defined as the art and science that deals with the cultivation of crops and the rearing of animals for man’s use. Agriculture also goes down to the selling of agricultural produce since production is not complete until the products reach the final consumers.

Agricultural Courses in Nigeria

The practice of agriculture has led to different areas of specialization. This reflects the broad area of coverage of agriculture. The deliberate action of man to cultivate crops and rear animals for different purposes, therefore, encompasses several techniques and knowledge.
In other to enhance the strength of the agriculture sector in Nigeria, many Nigerian universities offer specialized courses under the faculty of Agriculture.
No doubt, this decision has proved effective to a large extent.

Some of these agricultural courses or fields in Nigeria include;

·       Agriculture
·       Agricultural Economics
·       Agricultural Extension
·       Animal Science
·       Crop Production
·       Soil Science
·       Forest Resources Management
·       Agricultural Engineering
·       Fishery
Although, there are other related courses to agriculture. But for the purpose of this article, the above agricultural courses will be our focus.

The Top Best Agricultural Courses to Study in Nigeria

The field of agriculture is a very lucrative one. Evidence of this is its ability in time past to contribute majorly to the national output and source of foreign exchange to Nigeria. Although, agriculture is not anymore the largest contributor to foreign exchange in Nigeria, however, it still holds a whole lot of potential.
There are different agricultural courses to study in Nigeria. However, it is important to ask which is more marketable.
We will now reveal to you the most marketable agricultural courses to study in Nigeria.

1. Agriculture

Agriculture is the most marketable agricultural course to study in Nigeria. Studying agriculture is any Nigerian universities will pave the road for all the opportunities in all other agricultural related courses. This is because the field of agriculture deals with the encompassing nature of agriculture.
Obtaining a degree in agriculture in Nigeria, therefore, presents advantages. However, there is still an associated disadvantage to this. A course in agriculture does not really promote specialization. Just as the saying goes, a jack of all trade is a master is none.

2. Agricultural Economics

Agricultural economics deals with the business or financial part of agriculture. Agriculture is a business. If agricultural products do not reach the final consumers, agricultural practice becomes worthless.
This course happens to be the second top best agricultural course because of its ability to influence all agricultural firms including agro-based establishments.

3.     Animal Science:

Animal science deals with the rearing of animals. The lucrative nature of the course arises from the demand for animals in Nigeria. Animals are of value in Nigeria. There are needed for several purposes. An insight into the Nigerian economy really speaks well
about animal farm practice in Nigeria.

4.     Crop Production:

Crop production is one of the top agricultural courses to study in Nigeria. Crop production covers the following areas:
·       Agronomy (the study of crops)
·       Crop pathology (the study of crop diseases)
·       Entomology (the study of insect pests of crops).
All of these studies are vital to the immense contribution to the national output and input of Nigeria. Nigeria’s supply of crops for various uses is lacking behind when compared to the demands of desired crops.
Note that, crops are needed not only for eating but also for the purpose of textiles, medicines, etc.
A lot of opportunities lurk within crop production in Nigeria.

5.     Agricultural Engineering:

This course is offered in the faculty of engineering in Nigerian universities. This is because it is an engineering course designed especially for agriculture.
Agricultural engineering is one of the most marketable agricultural courses to study in Nigeria. This is because of the opportunity it presents. Agricultural engineers would mostly fit in all agricultural firms. This is because agricultural engineering encompasses the design and maintenance of agricultural tools which is of crucial importance to agricultural practice in Nigeria and beyond.

6.     Soil Science:

Soil science is an interesting career path in agriculture. It is of course one of the best top agricultural courses to study in Nigeria. Graduates in soil science can work in commercial farms, consulting firms for agriculture, consulting firms for waste disposal
for oil and gas industries, chemical industries, etc. Soil science can even walk as crop scientists.

7.     Agricultural Extension and Education:

This deals with the training of interested people in agriculture. It goes beyond just training them, it also narrows down to empowering them. Graduates of these courses mostly work with the government and academic institutions.

8.     Fishery:

This is the last but not the least. This course is no doubt one of the most discriminated courses in Nigeria. This is not because there are no opportunities associated with this agricultural course. This discrimination is rather influenced by people’s lack of sensitivity to the opportunities in this course.
As you may know, fishery as a course is centered on the rearing or production of fish. The practice of fishery does not really allow graduates to work in any agro-based industries.
The majority of graduates in fishery are likely to find themselves in fish farms. Fish in Nigeria and the world are of major importance. Nigeria is not even supplying up to the demands of fish for its population.
Fish is not only sold raw to the general public but also to food processing firms that package the fish and sell them as processed food.

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