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Career, Employment and Job Opportunities in Botany in Nigeria

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This article will give provide you with insight on the career, employment, and job opportunities in botany in Nigeria. 

Career Opportunities in Botany in Nigeria
Botany is a course that so many Nigerians think lowly of. So many people believe that the career opportunity in botany in Nigeria is so thin. That is the reason why there are few botanists in Nigeria.
This article will provide you with an insight into the career, employment, or job opportunities of Botany in Nigeria.
First, we will start by introducing you to what botany is about.

What is Botany?

Botany is a branch of science that deals with plant life. Botanists are biological scientists who study plants. Botanists are often group according to the different kinds of plants that they study.
An example is agronomists. They specialize in the study of grasses and agricultural crops.
Another example is the plant taxonomists. Plant taxonomists classify and identify plants.

Importance of Botany in Nigeria

·        The study of botany is useful to the discovery of medicinal plants. This is useful to cure various diseases.
·        Development of new food sources.
·        Human depends heavily on plants for food, fiber, wood, energy and oxygen and since a botanist deals with plant life, they are equally important for the economy at large.

Skill Requirements to be Successful in Botany in Nigeria

Botanists require;                                 
·        Good communication skill
·        Patience
·        Research skill
·        Practical skill
·        Time management skill
·        Strong observation skill
·        Preparing reports
·        Presentation skill
·        Problem-solving ability
·        Basic IT skill

Career opportunities in Botany in Nigeria

The following are the career opportunities in botany;
·        Biologist
·        Botanist
·        Cell Botany
·        Environmental Lawyer
·        Florist
·        Horticulturist
·        Land Manager
·        Global Warming Advocate
·        Market Gardener
·        Nursery Operator
·        Research Assistant
·        Soil Scientist
·        Wildlife Manager

Employment Opportunities for Graduates in Botany in Nigeria

·        Academic Institutions including Universities, Polytechnics, etc.
·        Universities
·        Government Agencies
·        Private Industry e.g. Museums and Botanical Garden.

Jamb UTME Subject Combination to Study Botany in Nigeria

·        English Language (compulsory)
·        Biology
·        Chemistry and any other science subject

O’Level Subject Combination to Study Botany in Nigeria

You require five SSCE credit passes in;
·        English Language
·        Mathematics
·        Chemistry
·        Biology
·        Physics

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