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Soil Science Careers, Companies, Importance and Salary in Nigeria | Soil Scientis

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This post would provide you with information on soil science careers, importance, companies, and salary in Nigeria. Before then, we shall learn a few things about soil science
soil scientist salary in Nigeria and career opportunities

Soil Science happens to be one of the discriminated course in Nigeria. Even by people who know almost nothing about the discipline. 
This discrimination is almost attributed to the name that it bears “soil science”. They often define soil science as the study of just the soil and consider it fit to say that there is no place for such practice in Nigeria.
Well, they are wrong. Hence, a need to write this article about soil scientists’ careers, companies, importance, and salary scale in Nigeria.

What is Soil Science?

Soil Science is the study of the soil. However, this simple definition goes deeper than it looks.
Soil science is the study of the soil as a natural resource on the surface of the Earth. It, therefore, studies soil in terms of its the formation, classification, and mapping, physical, chemical, biological, and fertility properties of soils; and these properties in relation to the use and management of soils.
There are two major branches of soil science. They are;

·        Pedology: 

    This deals with the formation, chemistry, morphology, and classification of the soil)

·        Edaphology: 

     This branch deals with how soil interacts with living things especially plants.

Importance of Soil Science in Nigeria

The relevance of soil science is reliant on the fact that soil is an important resource. It is an indispensable resource to all living things and therefore need to be studied.
Soil science has proved it worth in the; 

1.     Ensuring the maintenance of soil fertility
2.     Aiding better soil classification and mapping
3.     Soil science helps in erosion control methods
4.     It aids moisture conservation
5.     It helps in tillage operation of the soil
6.     Its the study helps in the application of the appropriate fertilizers for the soil.
7.     It contributes to the production of healthy crops since crops are dependent on the soil
8.     Helps to better dispose of our waste
9.     Advice other professionals on soil usage especially those into agriculture and forestry
10.      Ensuring the use of soil is in compliance with current regulations and many more.

Careers Relating to Soil Science in Nigeria

Below are some of the related careers to soil science; 
·        Soil Scientist
·        Farming
·        Ecologist
·        Wetland Specialist
·        Watershed Specialist
·        Crop Consultant
·        Agrologist
·        Agronomist
·        Botanist
·        Ecologist
·        Botanist
·        Environmental geologist
·        Environment planner
·        Forester
·        Horticulturist
·        Crop and Livestock producer
·        Tree planter
·        Soil conservationist
·        Landfill engineer
·        Landscape architect
·        Land-use planner
·        Conservation biologist
·        Agriculture technician

Soil Scientist Companies or Industries in Nigeria

Soil scientists work with different companies in Nigeria. Some of these of which include; 
·        Departments of the Federal, State or Local Government of Nigeria
·        Universities, Polytechnics and other educational institutions of Nigeria
·        Environmental consulting and Management companies in Nigeria
·        Waste Disposals companies in Nigeria
·        Consulting firms for agriculture, forestry, oil, and gas, etc.
·        Land Development and Management companies.

Soil Scientist Salary in Nigeria

Soil Scientist can earn between N60, 000 to N120, 000 in Nigeria. It is possible they earn below this amount if they are offering their services in secondary schools. They can also earn above the stated amount if they are offering their services to bigger companies or firms in Nigeria.
There you have it, an idea of Soil science graduates or soil scientists’ Careers, Companies, Importance and Salary in Nigeria

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