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Fresh Graduate Salary in Nigeria

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This article is written to provide you with insights into the graduate’s salary in Nigeria. Just how much graduates earn in this article would be our primary concern. 

Fresh Graduate Salary in Nigeria

Who is a Graduate?

You would probably be aware of who graduates are. As a result, we wouldn’t expatiate more on this. For the purpose of this article, a graduate is a person recognized by any tertiary institution to have earned a degree especially a first degree.
Simply put, a graduate is a person that has a degree from a recognized tertiary institution.
This article is however concentrated on those with their first degree in any recognized tertiary institution like a university.

Graduates in Nigeria

Every single year, Nigeria output a pretty much a large number of graduates into her streets.
There are different graduates from different fields shot into the labor market.
The economy of Nigeria plays a huge role in the attainment of jobs by Nigerian graduates. It has no doubt been the norm of Nigerians speak ill about the present economic situation of Nigeria. Reports and complaints of the Nigerian economy have been certainly true.
The Nigerian economy is truly a crippled one, lacking in so many facets. It is however unfortunate that there is a strong correlation between the employment rate of graduates and the state of the economy.
The state of the economy is the influencing factor in the employment rate of graduates in Nigeria. This implies that the state of the economy will determine to a very large extent the availability of jobs in Nigeria.
The quest to obtain a good job, hence, has forced so many Nigerians to seek to become educated by obtaining their first academic degree.

Graduates in the Nigerian Labor Market

Every year, a large number of graduates disgorged out by the tertiary institutions of Nigeria.
Graduates find themselves in other different conditions after schooling.
These conditions are presented below;
·        Employed by a Big Establishment
·        Employed by a Small Establishment
·        Self –Employed
·        Jobless
Graduates salary in Nigeria is influenced by several factors and they are;
1.     Employers or Industry they offer their services to
2.     Course of Study
3.     Career Path
4.     Additional qualifications such as being professional certified.
All of these factors will determine a graduate’s salary in Nigeria

Graduate Salary in Nigeria

‘Graduates Salary in Nigeria’ has been the chief purpose of this article. So get prepared, as we unveil to you, graduates salary in Nigeria.
Graduates salary in Nigeria varies according to different factors.
However, the graduates’ salaries in Nigeria can be given an insight to according to the establishment they work for.

1.     Graduates Employed in Big Establishments:

Graduates employed in the big industry like oil and gas, food processing, banks, telecommunication industry, etc. would likely earn between N80, 000 to N500, 000 even as graduates. This is considered to be the high end.

2.     Graduates Employed in Small Establishments:

Small establishments include labs, secondary schools, medium-sized hospitals, medium-sized trading firms, etc. Graduates salary in these small establishments would be likely between N30, 000 to N120, 000.

3.     Graduates who are Employed not According to their Certificate:

Some graduates offer services that are not related to their qualifications. These graduates do not really get paid as graduates. They are rather paid according to the services they are offering. Some of these places include; factories, cyber café, hotels, etc.
They are likely to earn N20, 000 to N40, 000. This is considered as the lower end.
They are so many other graduates who are unemployed in Nigeria.

Average Graduate Salary in Nigeria

While some population of graduates in Nigeria is in the higher end making lots of money as a salary, there are a majority of graduates at the lower end being underpaid.
A lot of graduates in Nigeria are not paid according to the services they offer. This is because the chief influencer, the economy of graduates’ salary in Nigeria is already crippled.
As a result, Average Salary of Graduates in Nigeria is about N45, 000

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