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How Lucrative is Estate Management in Nigeria

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In this post, you would gain an insight into how lucrative estate management is as a career. 
How Lucrative is Estate Management in Nigeria

Considering our present-day Nigeria, so many courses have lost some of its value. This has no doubt led to struggling among some graduates.
While this is true for some courses or fields, this is not the case for other fields. This is because not all sector of the Nigerian economy is crippled.
In other words, many courses still hold their value. Some fields are even improving,  giving its graduates more opportunities than before,
However, what is the fate of estate management as a career? How secured should aspirants and graduates of the field of estate management feel?
Well, keep reading to find out how lucrative, estate management is in Nigeria

What is Estate Management?

Estate management is focused on the management of real estate and physical property.
According to Wikipedia, there are many parts of the profession. Estate Management encompasses the management of accounts and finances of the real estate properties and participating in or initiating litigation with tenants, construction, and insurance agencies.
Estate Management really covers a lot. This is because the process of obtaining or owning and managing a property in Nigeria or even in any part of the world is faced with a lot of procedures that must be attended to.
Estate management, therefore, includes the concept of taxation, valuation, property law, land management and planning, the economics of property, etc.

Measuring the impact of Estate Management Practice in Nigeria

There are various higher institutions that offer admission into the estate management program in Nigeria.
This implies there is a significant number of estate management graduates in Nigeria.
Nigeria has no doubt, experience the significant impact of estate management graduates.
Estate management graduates have been able to influence a significant part of the economy. It is reliant on the fact that housing is a primary need for all including Nigerians.
Estate managers in Nigeria are truly thriving in their field. This is due to the easily practicable nature of the discipline.
This does not in any wise imply the field of estate management is a simple one.

How Lucrative is Estate Management in Nigeria?

Yes, Estate management is a lucrative career to pursue in most countries. This, of course, due to the indispensable need for properties.
With a focus in Nigeria, estate management comes with very interesting opportunities, as with other parts of the world.
This, of course, speaks well for the course as being lucrative enough.
There is an increasing demand for housing and land use. The population of Nigeria is tremendously growing and so is its need for property expansion.
This factor alone has justified that estate management would become more lucrative even in the nearest future.
Although, the state of the Nigerian economy still limits estate management from reaching or attaining its full potential.
This is because a better economy would speak well of a course. This is the same as a crippled economy. It would, of course, lead to the depreciation of a course or field.
In developed countries in the world, there is quite a fast and significant amount of investment channeled into the real estate business.
Nigeria is faced with so many issues like security and low purchasing power of citizens among others. These economic factors have weakened the investment audacity of investors to invest immensely in real estate.
Upon all these, estate management would continue to flourish in Nigeria for graduates with the right skills in estate management.

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