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Is physiotherapy a good course in Nigeria?

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Is physiotherapy a good course to study In Nigeria? Is physiotherapy marketable in Nigeria?
 Although no course is useless in a country like Nigeria, the crippled state of the economy seem to be negatively affecting some professions. Is physiotherapy among of the professions affected? Keep reading to find out.

is physiotherapy a marketable course in Nigeria

How lucrative or Marketable is physiotherapy in Nigeria?

Well, this article will provide you with useful information that will help you to tell if physiotherapy is a course in Nigeria.
First, let’s us know what physiotherapy is all about in Nigeria

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a health profession that treats people’s injury, disorders, illnesses, etc. through physical methods such as exercise, massage, etc.
They are able to assist people to restore, maintain and maximize the strength and overall wellbeing through movement and exercise, manual therapy etc.
Physiotherapists are therefore health professionals. Let’s proceed by knowing what a good course is, in Nigeria. Then, we will be able to conclude if physiology is a good course or not.

What is a Good Course to Study in Nigeria?

Most times, people wrongly characterized certain courses as being bad or good without any explanation backing their point.
Every course is good. However, certain influencing factors will determine their worth. Such influences arise from the economic and political sphere of a certain country.
This implies that while a course may hold much value in one country, it may lose value in another.
For a course to be considered good in Nigeria, it must satisfy the following factors;

1.     Potential and Existing Employment Opportunities
2.     Salary
3.     Independency

Allow me to provide you with a little explanation of each of these factors.

1.     Potential or Existing High Employment Opportunities (potential or Existing High Demands):

A good course in Nigeria is meant to provide enough existing or potential employment opportunities to graduates in that field. This means graduates of that profession must be highly demanded.
It is important to note that only a relevant field to the economy will be highly demanded in a particular country like Nigeria.

2.    Independency:

This is the ability of graduates of certain courses to find it easy to practice their course even without being employed or dependent on a particular employer.
This is, therefore, the ability to be self-employed even in practicing your profession.

3.     Salary:

This is the last but not the least. Many people usually equate a good course with a course that offers high pay. Well, they are not wrong.

Is Physiotherapy a Good Course in Nigeria?

Asking if physiotherapy is a good course is almost similar to asking if physiotherapy satisfies all or most of the factors above.
Let’s see that.

1.     Is Physiotherapists in high demand in Nigeria:

Employment opportunities available for physiotherapists in Nigeria are mostly found in the following places;
·        Hospitals
·        Professional sport clubs
·        Gyms
·        Leisure centers
·        Tertiary institutions
·        Secondary schools.
All of these places employ the services of a physiotherapist.
In terms of its demands, physiotherapy is slightly below average considered as a good course.

2.     Independency:

Physiotherapist finds it very easy to be self-employed in the practice of their profession. They can offer their services to clients without depending on any organization.
In terms of its independency, physiotherapy is a good course in Nigeria.

3.     Salary:

Physiotherapists are not highly paid when compared to other top disciplines. But they are able to earn well.
In terms of salary, physiotherapy is slightly below average considered as a good course in Nigeria.


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