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Industrial Chemist Salary in Nigeria

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The main discussion of this article is focused on industrial chemistry's salary in Nigeria.
Just relax, as we will be revealing to you how much industrial chemistry earns in Nigeria.
Before, I delve in deep; it is relevant to reveal to you what industrial chemistry is all about. 

industrial chemist salary in Nigeria

What is Industrial Chemistry?

Frankly speaking, the advancement the world is enjoying today is contributed partly by efforts of the industrial chemists in time past.
Many things wouldn’t be in existence without the knowledge of industrial chemistry.
This is because industrial chemistry is concerned with the manufacturing art of transforming raw materials into important resources and producing them on an industrial (commercial) scale.
Most of the resources manufactured by industrial chemists are extremely crucial to the survival of human beings. These resources influence so many industries or sectors in Nigeria and beyond.
Industrial chemistry is therefore considered to be a very good course to study in Nigeria.
Although industrial chemistry can very hard, it paves the way for various employment opportunities.
We shall use their employment opportunities to give you a glimpse of how much do industrial chemists earn in Nigeria.

Major factors that Influence Industrial Chemistry Salary in Nigeria

Industrial chemistry salary in Nigeria is influenced by various factors. Among these factors includes;
1.     Place of Employment
2.     Educational qualification
3.     Years of Experience

Industrial Chemistry Salary in Nigeria According to their Place of Employments

The salary of industrial chemists in Nigeria is significantly influenced by their place of employment.
Some employment opportunities available for industrial chemists include;
·        Materials manufacturing industry
·        Oil and gas
·        Petrochemicals
·        Plastics and polymers
·        Environmental protection agencies
·        Agrochemicals
See below summary data of industrial chemists' salaries in Nigeria according to their place of employment.
Place of Employment
Monthly Industrial Chemists’ Salaries
Annual Industrial Chemists’ Salaries
Materials manufacturing industry
N120, 000 to N400, 000
N1, 440, 000 to N4, 800, 000
Oil and gas
N300, 000 to N600, 000
N3, 600, 000 to N7, 200, 000
N300, 000 to N600, 000
N3, 600, 000 to N7, 200, 000
Plastics and polymers
N150, 000 to N500, 000
N1, 800, 000 to N6, 000, 000
Environmental protection agencies
N80, 000 to N300, 000
N960, 000 to N3, 600, 000
N70, 000 to N400, 000
N840, 000 to N9, 600, 000
Tertiary institutions
N80, 000 to N500, 000
N960, 000 to N6, 000, 000
Secondary schools
N30, 000 to N80, 000
N360, 000 to N960, 000

Industrial Chemistry Salary in Nigeria according to Educational Qualification

See summary data of industrial chemist salary in Nigeria according to educational qualification                                                                                                                            
Educational Qualifications
Monthly  Industrial Chemist Salary
Annual Industrial Chemist Salary
Fresh Graduates
N80, 000 to N150, 000
N960, 000 to N1, 800, 000
Master’s Degree Holders
N150, 000 to N350, 000
N1, 800, 000 to N4, 200, 000
Ph.D. Holders
N300, 000 to N700, 000
N3, 600, 000 to N8, 400, 000

Industrial Chemistry Salary in Nigeria According to Experience

Industrial Chemists’ salaries in Nigeria are also influenced by their years of experience.
See summary data below of industrial chemists’ salaries in Nigeria according to their years of experience
Years of Experience
Low-end Salary
High-End Salary
N80, 000
N200, 000
N200, 000
N400, 000
N350, 000
N800, 000

Top Industries |Place of Employment for Industrial Chemists in Nigeria for High Salary

1.     Materials/ Metallurgical industry
2.     Oil and gas
3.     Agrochemical industry
4.     Tertiary institutions
5.     Plastics and polymers

Qualities Required of an Industrial Chemist in Nigeria

The following qualities are required to become a successful industrial chemist in Nigeria;
·        Analytical skill
·        Strong research skill ‘
·        Must be knowledgeable in chemistry
·        Good numeracy skill
·        Must be brilliance in chemistry

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