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Is Philosophy a Hard Course in Nigeria?

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This article is purposed in helping you measure how hard the course, philosophy is in Nigerian universities. 
Is Philosophy a Hard Course in Nigeria

What is man?  Is Heaven real? What are we doing here? How shall we survive? What is right or wrong? All of these are philosophical questions.
This presents us with the question “what is philosophy?”

What is Philosophy?

The original meaning of the term “philosophy” comes from the Greek roots Philo- meaning “love” and Sophos- meaning wisdom.
This implies that philosophy is the love for wisdom. It is the quest to gain an understanding of the meaning of life.
Philosophy seeks to study and understand general and fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, values, reasons, mind, and languages.
A degree in philosophy is, therefore, focused on training human minds to reason deep into the reality of life. The study of philosophy revolves around matters pertaining to reality, morality, and life in all world civilizations.
To measure whether the philosophy is a hard course or not in Nigeria, let’s get a glance at some of the courses offered in philosophy.
1.     Introduction to Philosophy
2.     Elementary Ethics
3.     Introduction to Logic
4.     History of Ancient Philosophy
5.     Introduction to African philosophy
6.     Introduction to philosophical anthropology
7.     Introduction to metaphysics
8.     Introduction to epistemology
9.     Philosophy of Education
10.   Philosophical of the social sciences
11.   Philosophy of money.
Above are some of the courses gotten from UNIZIK. 

Also, in the study of philosophy, areas influenced includes;
·        Philosophy and Reason
·        Philosophy and Universality
·        Philosophy and Speculation
·        Philosophy and other Disciplines ‘
·        Philosophy and Science in general
·        Philosophy and Physical Sciences
·        Philosophy and Art
·        Philosophy and Religion
·        Philosophy and Social science

Is Philosophy a Hard Course in Nigeria? To answer this question, take a look at all of the courses provided above. You would notice a similarity between all of them. 
They all preach the understanding of life and things in it. Money, social sciences, education, metaphysics (the study of abstract concepts like being, identity, etc.), etc. are all things important to our being.

Is Philosophy a Hard Course in Nigeria?

Philosophy is a course that lays a strong emphasis on reasoning. It is somewhat similar to sociology, psychology, and law, etc. but with a much stronger relation of how concepts affect reality or life.
In Nigerian universities, students are often impelled to use their imaginations and gift of reasoning to answer questions.
Philosophy would be a Hard Course for the following Students
·        Students who rely so much on cramming or memorizing to pass exams
·        Students who cannot think critically or outside the box
·        Students who do not really pay attention or try to observe life or things happening in society.
·        Students who cannot present detailed answers while attending to questions
·        Students who tell stories but make few or no points in their attending to questions.
Most students who can employ their imaginations very well would likely find philosophy an easy course.

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