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Is Physiology a Good Course to Study in Nigeria?

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This article is purposed to help you see if physiology is a good course to study in Nigeria.
To help you see whether physiology is a good course or not in Nigeria, you will need to know what physiology is. 

physiology as a good course in Nigeria

What is Physiology all about?

Physiology is simply the scientific study of functions and mechanisms in the living system. It can be seen as a branch of biology that studies how living organisms, their parts, and functions.
Physiology lays much emphasis on how the parts of organism function. For instance, how your big brain functions or how your heart beats and so on. Although, physiology is not only about the human body, as there other branches of physiology, however, the human bodies remain the primary focus of physiologists.
Now, that we have a little idea of what physiology is all about, let know what is a good course in Nigeria. This will enable us to know whether physiology is a good course or not in Nigeria.
For a course to be considered good in Nigeria, it must satisfy the following factors;
1.     Strict Regulation in Practice
2.     Potential and Existing Employment Opportunities
3.     Salary
4.     Autonomy

1.     Strict Regulation in Practice:

Strict regulation in practice is necessary to ensure a high level of professionalism in any course.
A course with strict regulations will restrict quacks or those with no certification to practice the course. This is usually done with help from the government.
Some courses or professions in Nigeria have so many quacks or people with no certification practicing the course. This is very harmful not only that unhealthy products or services may be output to the society but also it leads to unnecessary competition among the major professionals.
A good course in Nigeria would be able to regulate who practice the course in Nigeria.

2.     Potential and Existing High Employment Opportunities:

A good course in Nigeria is meant to provide enough existing or potential employment opportunities for graduates in that field.
These employment opportunities arise from the economy.

3.     Autonomy:

This is the ability of graduates of certain courses to find it easy to practice their course even without being employed or dependent on a particular employer.

4.     Salary:

This is the last but not the least. Many people usually equate a good course with a course that offers high pay. Well, they are not wrong.
Is Physiology a Good Course in Nigeria?
To judge whether or not physiology is a good course in Nigeria, let’s check out if physiology satisfies these standards in Nigeria.

1.     Strict Regulation in Nigeria:

Yes, there are hardly any quacks practicing physiology in Nigeria. This is because the course is a hard one and not easily learned on the street. Physiology as a profession also has legal backing from the government.

2.     Potential or Existing High Employment Opportunities:

Currently, in Nigeria, there is a very slim employment opportunity available for graduates in physiology. The two major industries for physiology in Nigeria are in health and education.
However, there are potential employment opportunities. This is arising from the fact that the health sector in Nigeria will continue to expand and advanced in a bid to survive.

3.     Autonomy:

Physiology is not easily practiced independently. Physiology professionals are majorly dependent on healthcare centers or hospitals and academic institutions

4.     Salary

Physiologists are well paid in Nigeria.


So, is physiology a good course to study in Nigeria? You can judge that yourself now.

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