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Is Political Science a Good Course to Study in Nigeria?

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Is political science a good course to study in Nigeria? Well, if you should ask this question to 10 different people, you would get different responses.
Luckily, this article is written to measure the worth of political science in Nigeria but not in the world. 

Is Political Science a Good Course to Study in Nigeria

What is a Lucrative Course to Study in Nigeria?

Is Political Science a Good Course to Study in Nigeria?

For a course to be considered good in Nigeria, it must satisfy the following factors;
1.     Strict Regulation in Practice
2.     Potential and Existing Employment Opportunities
3.     Salary
4.     Autonomy
5.     Potential
Allow me to provide you with a little explanation of each of these factors.

1.     Strict Regulation in Practice:

Strict regulation in practice is necessary to ensure a high level of professionalism in any course.
A course with strict regulations will restrict quacks or those with no certification to practice the course. This is usually done with help from the government.
Some courses or professions in Nigeria have so many quacks or people with no certification practicing the course. This is very harmful not only that unhealthy products or services may be output to the society but also it leads to unnecessary competition among the major professionals.
A good course in Nigeria would be able to regulate who practice the course in Nigeria.

2.     Potential and Existing High Employment Opportunities:

A good course in Nigeria is meant to provide enough existing or potential employment opportunities to graduates in that field.
These employment opportunities arise from the economy.

3.     Autonomy:

This is the ability of graduates of certain courses to find it easy to practice their course even without being employed or dependent on a particular employer.

4.     Salary:

This is the last but not the least. Many people usually equate a good course with a course that offers high pay. Well, they are not wrong.

Is Political Science a Good Course in Nigeria?

For political science to be a good course in Nigeria, it must be able to satisfy the following
1.     Strict regulation in practice
2.     Potential or existing high employment opportunities
3.     Autonomy
4.     Salary
Let’s dig in more, shall we?

1.     A strict regulation in practice:

In Nigeria, as in other parts of the world, political science does not maintain a strict code of who practices the course. This is because of the nature of politics in Nigeria which allows everyone above 18 the right to vote and be voted for.

2.     Potential or Existing High Employment Opportunities:

Political science degree offers graduates employment opportunities in various areas. Political science graduates could work in the bank, academic institutions, government agencies, as journalist and secondary schools.
The availability of employment opportunities for graduates in political science are on the average level rather than high or too low.

3.     Autonomy:

The profession of political science can be easily practiced without large capital. I am talking about engaging in the political facet of the Nigerian system.
Political science, therefore, permits a high level of independency.


So, is political science is a good course in Nigeria? Well, at this stage, you can judge for yourself
Let me know what you think in the comment below.

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