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Librarian | Library and Information science Salary in Nigeria

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Librarian | Library and Information science Graduates Salary in Nigeria

This article would give you an insight into the library and information science graduates’ or librarian salary in Nigeria.
Librarian | Library and Information science Salary in Nigeria

Before I reveal to you librarians' salaries in Nigeria, it is important you know a thing or more about library and information science.

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What is Library and Information Science?

Library and information science is a discipline that engages in the collection, organization, and dissemination or transmission of information resources to facilitate the teaching or learning process. 

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They are simply intellectuals in the field of library and information science.

Librarians work hard to satisfy people’s information needs. They develop strategies that would help meet their clients’ information needs.

The relevance of the discipline of library and information science is founded on the quest to simplify information search of people; i.e. helping them to always find needed information resources to the advancement of their knowledge.

Career Opportunities for Library and Information Science

Librarians’ salary is influenced by the career path they choose to journey. It is also greatly influenced by the establishments they offer their services to.

This article will, therefore, list some of the career opportunities available to library and information science graduates in Nigeria.

    1.     Technical Librarian
    2.     Academic Librarian
    3.     Cataloguer
    4.     Children librarian
    5.     Archive Librarian
    6.     Lecturer and Teacher
    7.     School Librarian
    8.     Data Management Services Librarian
    9.     Business Librarian
   10.    Reference Librarian
   11.     Outreach Librarian
   12.     Adult Librarian
   13.     Information Broker etc.

Employment Opportunities for Librarian or Library and Information Graduates in Nigeria

     1.     Higher Institutions
     2.     National Library
     3.     Schools
    4.     Public Library
    5.     Special Library. See more employment opportunities for Librarians in Nigeria. Click here

Librarian/ Library and Information science graduates’ salary in Nigeria

Librarian salary in Nigeria is influenced not only by their workplaces but also by the status they bear in their workplaces.
The status of librarians in Nigeria is been divided into three-level which are;
    ·        Professional Librarian
    ·        Para-Professional Librarian
    ·        Non-professional librarian
The recognition of these levels or the status of librarianship is mostly recognized in libraries with strict observances of librarianship practices. Such libraries include; academic, national, and public libraries. Others such as special and school libraries pay little or no attention to these practices. 

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Librarian salary in Academic, National, and Public Libraries in Nigeria

Below is the salary structure of Librarians’ Salary in National Public and academic libraries of Nigeria according to level;
     ·        Non-Professional Librarians: N30, 000 to N50, 000
     ·        Para-Professional Librarians: N80, 000 to N120, 000
     ·        Professional Librarians: N150, 000 to N200, 000

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Librarians’ Salary in School Libraries in Nigeria

Many school Librarians in Nigeria do not hold any degree in library and information science. They are paid from N20, 000 to N60, 000. 

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Librarians’ Salary in Special Libraries in Nigeria

Most special librarians in Nigeria does not hold any degree in library and information science. This is because graduates in library and information science are very few in the country. Special Librarians are paid between N50, 000 to N300, 000.

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