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Philosophy Salary in Nigeria | Careers and Employment Opportunities

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Philosophy Salary in Nigeria | Careers and Employment Opportunities 

Philosophy Salary in Nigeria


This article aim is to give you an insight into philosophy salary in Nigeria.
Just how much a philosophy graduate will earn when he/ she gets a job in Nigeria is of concern to us in this article. 

Before I reveal to you “Philosophy salary in Nigeria”, permit me to digress a bit.

What is Philosophy?

The term philosophy was coined by Pythagoras through a combination of two Greek words, philia which means love, and Sophias which means Wisdom. Literally, philosophy means love for wisdom.
Thus, philosophy can be seen as the love for wisdom or the love for the pursuit of wisdom according to Pythagoras.
Graduates in philosophy are trained to have a comprehensive and profound knowledge of things. They are trained to employ their reason to 'what is', 'what should be', and 'what is not' kind of question.

Where can I work with a Philosophy Degree in Nigeria?

Philosophy is a field that influences so many other professions. That is why there is a claim that philosophy is the mother of all professions. Philosophy as a field is somewhat not easy to define,
In the study of philosophy, areas influenced include;
               ·        Philosophy and Reason 
               ·        Philosophy and Universality  
               ·        Philosophy and Speculation
·        Philosophy and other Disciplines ‘
·        Philosophy and Science in general
·        Philosophy and Physical Sciences
·        Philosophy and Art
·        Philosophy and Religion
·        Philosophy and Social science
The encompassing nature of philosophy has led to various career opportunities for graduates in philosophy. This has subsequently influenced philosophy graduates' salaries in Nigeria.

Careers Options of Philosophy Graduates in Nigeria

·        Journalism
·        Business and Management
·        Religion and Ministry
·        Law
·        Banker
·        Accountant
·        Librarian
·        Marketing
·        Public Policy
·        Labor relations
·        Social Worker
·        Publisher
·        Counselor
·        Human Resources Specialist
·        Diplomacy
·        Insurance etc.

Philosophy Graduates Salary in Nigeria

Just what this article was purposed for, “Philosophy Salary in Nigeria”. Philosophers in Nigeria, well, don’t work as philosophers. They rather offer their services either as a banker, counselor, librarian, or any other related careers. This is the same as their salary in Nigeria. There is therefore not really a standard salary structure for philosophy graduates in Nigeria. Philosophy graduates' salaries in Nigeria are according to where they offer their services whether it be for the government, bank, law firm, or in academics.
Graduates in Philosophy will, therefore, earn N80, 000 to N350, 000 at the higher end and at the lower end; they will earn N30, 000 to 70, 000.
There you have philosophy graduates’ salary in Nigeria

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