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Where can Crop Scientist Work in Nigeria: Careers | Salary

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This post would give you an insight into crop scientist career options and salary scale in Nigeria. 

Where can Crop Scientist Work in Nigeria: Careers | Salary
It aims to unveil to you crop science importance in Nigeria
Crop science is one of the discriminated courses in Nigeria.
This is not because crop science holds no value but for the reason of people’s myopic reasoning towards the world of agriculture.
Ever since the discovery of black gold (crude oil), people have lost sensitivity to agriculture. Well, that’s a long story.
For the purpose of this article, let me tell you what crop science is all about.

Crop Science

Crop science, simply put is the study of crops. As you know, crop science is a branch of the mighty agriculture.
Crop science is concerned with the complete management of crop. It covers the planting, maintenance, protection, storage and aspects of post-harvest handling of produce.
It is also said to be the study of the world’s major feed, turf, fiber crops and their environment. It is a wide field and covers the breeding, genetics, production, and management of different crops.

Importance of Crop Science

The importance of crop science would help you stay sensitive to the relevance of crop science in Nigeria.
The knowledge of crop science is useful in the following ways in Nigeria and beyond;
1.     It helps in the development of better planting materials, correct crop spacing
2.     It ensures an effectual crop management practices
3.     It ensures better productivity of crops
4.     It ensures the advancement of the population of plants
5.     Entomology ensures pest control
6.     It ensures the production of improved crops
7.     Ensures healthy crop production.
Crop science studies and research is mostly channeled towards ensuring an optimum production of crops that are resistant to diseases. They, therefore, study all the factors that influence the growth and subsequent lives of crops.

Careers in Crop Science in Nigeria 

Crop science presents graduates in crop science or crop scientists, a variety of career options to pick from. Some of which includes;
·        Consulting Crop scientist
·        Academic Researchers
·        Corporate Researchers
·        Soil Fertility specialist
·        Soil Surveyors
·        Land use managers
·        Global information systems specialists
·        Seed Technologist
·        Soil and Water Conservationist
·        Research Laboratory Technician
·        Farmer
·        Environmental lawyer
·        Weed Specialist
·        Scientific Support Analyst
·        Biotechnologist
·        Crop Advisors
·        Turfgrass/ golf  course managers
·        Agribusiness consultant
·        Soil Conservationist
·        Agronomic or environmental consultants
·        Biotechnologist
·        Crop advisors
·        Agronomist
·        Commodity Risk Manager
·        Plant and Soil Scientist.

Where can Crop Scientist Work in Nigeria?

Crop scientist can work in the following places;
·        Academic institutions in Nigeria
·        Departments of the Federal, State or Local Government of Nigeria
·        Universities, Polytechnics and other educational institutions of Nigeria
·        Consulting firms for agriculture, forestry, oil, and gas, etc.
·        Land Development and Management companies.

Crop Scientist Salary in Nigeria: 

Crop Scientist would normally earn N80, 000 to about N250, 000. Crop scientists’ salary is normally dependent on where they work. So, they can earn higher by the attainment of level and where they work.

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