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Where can a Library and Information Scientist Work in Nigeria?

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This post will enlighten you on some of the employment opportunities that await library and information scientists in Nigeria.
Before I proceed, you should know what library and information science is about.

Library and Information Science

Library and information science merges the principle of library science and information, science to form one discipline.
There is a common similarity between library science and information science that speaks a lot about the course. That similar factor is “information”.
Library and information science, therefore, is concerned with the collection or acquisition, processing or organization, and dissemination of information to those who are in need of it.
Library and information scientists are concerned about simplifying the information search of its clients to ensure that they get the information they need.
An interesting thing that you should know about library and information scientists or professionals is that they work to ensure that education is enforced in any organization they find themselves. 

where can a library and information science graduate work in Nigeria
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Let’s learn more about this great profession.

Careers Opportunities in Library and Information Science in Nigeria

As a library and information scientist, you can find yourself pursuing the following job in Nigeria;
·        School Librarian
·        Academic Librarian
·        Special Librarian
·        National Librarian
·        Public library Librarian
·        Technical Librarian
·        Academic Librarian
·        Cataloguer
·        Children librarian
·        Archive Librarian
·        Lecturer and Teacher
·        Data Management Services Librarian
·        Business Librarian
·        Reference Librarian
·        Outreach Librarian
·        Adult Librarian
·        Information Broker

Where can a Library and Information Scientist work in Nigeria?

Library and information scientists can be regarded as knowledge carriers. They are education enforcers wherever they may find themselves. Their job is to find the best information that would satisfy their clients’ information needs greatly.
Library and information scientists, therefore, offer their services to any establishments that have a library or documentation unit.
Fortunately, there are so many organizations that have a documentation unit or a library for the organization of its information.

Library and information scientists can, therefore, gain employment or Work in the following industries or firms in Nigeria;

·        National libraries
·        Public libraries
·        Academic libraries
·        School libraries  
·        Information centers
·        Media
·        Publishing houses
·        Banks
·        Special libraries any private firms including oil and gas, hospitals, Law firms, manufacturing firms, etc.
·        Government agencies
·        Tertiary institution
·        Secondary schools

Duties of a Library and Information Scientist in Nigeria

Library and information scientists in Nigeria should be able to perform the following roles depending on the establishment they offer their services to;
1.     Select information resources most appropriate to the parent establishment.
2.     Organize information resources in a manner that they are easily retrieved
3.     Educate others on effective ways to seek out information to satisfy their information needs
4.     Promote information literacy
5.     Catalog information resources

Prospects of Library and Information Science in Nigeria

One of the advantages of reading library and information science in Nigeria is that there are very few qualified library and information scientist in Nigeria.
Therefore, the quest for a better job as a library expert is really less competitive.

How to Become a Library and Information Scientist in Nigeria

To become a library and information scientist in Nigeria, you will need to obtain a degree in library and information science or library science in any Nigerian university.
You can earn a first degree in basically any course and have a master’s degree in library and information science to become a library and information scientist.
Most Nigerian universities consider library and information science to under science education while some expert thinks it is under social science.

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