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Human Resources (HR) Manager Salary in Nigeria

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This article is written to enlighten you on Human resources manager salary in Nigeria.
It is however important that I enlighten you on what human resources (HR) management is all about.

human resources management salary in Nigeria

Human resources (HR) Manager

We all know that there is no organization without human resources. Human resources are needed to run the operational activities of any organization.
As human beings, we are very complex. Sometimes, we have the potential or the gift to move an organization forward, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.
There are various factors that can hinder staff offering their best service for an organization. Human resources managers are therefore hired to improve the ability of humans or staff in an organization.
They are able to understand the strength, ability and weakness of human resources.
Human resources managers are therefore involved in the overall management of human resources ranging from the staffing to the improvement of the services of staff.

Major factors that Influence Human Resources (HR) Managers Salary in Nigeria

Human Resources (HR) managers’ salary in Nigeria is influenced by various factors. Among these factors includes;
1.     Place of Employment
2.     Qualification | Professional certification
3.     Years of Experience

Human Resources (HR) Manager Salary in Nigeria According to their Place of Employments

The salary of human resources (HR) manager in Nigeria is significantly influenced by their place of employment.
Every organization needs human resources (HR) managers. This is to say human resources (HR) managers are highly employable. They can be employed by any establishment. What this article shall be providing you with, is a summarized view of how much HR managers do earn according to their employers.
Some employment opportunities available for human resources (HR) management graduates include;
·        Small and Large private firms
·        Public sectors
·        Tertiary institutions
·        Secondary schools
See below summary data of human resources managers salaries in Nigeria according to their place of employment.
Place of Employment
Average Monthly Human Resources (HR) Managers Salaries
Average Annual Human Resources Managers Salaries
Small Private Firms
N80, 000
N960, 000
Medium private firms
N150, 000
N2, 160, 000
Large Private firms
N400, 000
N4, 800, 000
Public sectors
N300, 000
N3, 600, 000
Tertiary institutions
N80, 000 to N500, 000
N960, 000 to N6, 000, 000
Secondary schools
N30, 000 to N80, 000
N360, 000 to N960, 000

Skills Required of a Human Resources Manager in Nigeria

The following qualities are required to become successful in human resources management in Nigeria;
·        Management skill
·        Logical skill
·        Ability to form effective relationships between people
·        Organizational skill
·        Integrity
·        Patience
·        Ability to understand people
·        Ability to motivate or encourage
·        Influencing ability to improve personnel policies of any organization they offer their services to
·        Leadership quality.

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