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Is Economics a good course to study in Nigeria?

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Is economics a good course to study in Nigeria? How lucrative is economics in Nigeria?
This post will help you to measure the relevance of obtaining a degree in economics in Nigeria
Is Economics a good course to study in Nigeria?

What is Economics?

Economics is a social science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
In other words, economics is the scientific study of how wealth is produced, consumed, or even transferred.
The study of economics is relevant because there are limited resources to meet the infinite needs of man.
Man must therefore use the available resources carefully.

How Lucrative is Economics in Nigeria?

Is Economics a good course to study in Nigeria?

Economics may be characterized as a good course if it fulfills the following factors
1.     It must equip graduates with skills that are relevant to the economy of Nigeria
2.     Graduates in economics must be highly employable in Nigeria
3.     Graduates in economics should find it easy to practice their profession independently in Nigeria
4.     Graduates in economics must be well paid by their various employers in Nigeria.
Let’s measure how lucrative economics is in Nigeria using the following questions.

1.     Are Economics in High Demands in Nigeria:

Graduates in economics can be employed by almost any industry in Nigeria including non-profit organizations. This is because; all the industries in Nigeria are influenced by various economical activities.
Economists in Nigeria are therefore in very high demand.
In terms of demands, economics is a good course in Nigeria

2.     How Relevant is the Practice of Economics to the Nigerian Economy:

This seems like a funny question because the answer is pretty straight-forward. Economics is a course for the economy; it is therefore critically relevant for the continuous development of the Nigerian economy
In terms of relevancy to the Nigeria economy, economics is a good course to study in Nigeria

3.     How Easy does Economists Find it to Practice their Profession Without Depending on Employers in Nigeria:

With a profound understanding of the economy of Nigeria, economists would find it very easy to own their own establishment and generate wealth
In terms of autonomy, economics a good course to study in Nigeria

4.     Are Economists Well Paid in Nigeria?

Economics when compared to other career-professionals in Nigeria would earn averagely well.
In terms of the emoluments, economics is averagely a good course to study in Nigeria.

The Problem with Studying Economics in Nigeria

Undoubtedly, economics is a very good course to study in Nigeria. However, the number of graduates in the field of economics is rather too high for the available jobs out there in Nigeria.
This has resulted in placing so much pressure on the job sector of Nigeria and subsequently, leading to unemployment for most graduates in economics.
Most graduates in economics must, therefore, learn to live as entrepreneurs if they are to survive in Nigeria


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