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Is Education a good course to study in Nigeria?

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Is education a good course to study in Nigeria? How lucrative is an education course in Nigeria?

Is Education a good course to study in Nigeria

What is Education?

Education is a powerful factor that influences civilization and advancement.
Education as a course is concerned with the art and process of imparting knowledge in someone.
It is the study of the art and process of transmitting knowledge or instruction necessary for the improvement of one’s certainty.
Education makes use of various methods or procedures and materials to ensure that knowledge is passed down.
There are so many educational courses offered in the various tertiary institutions. Some of these education courses include;
·        Biology education
·        Curriculum studies and educational technology
·        Chemistry education
·        Adult & non-formal education
·         Educational foundations
·         Human kinetics and health education
·        Educational foundations
·        Educational management and planning
·        Educational psychology, guidance and counseling
·        Computer science education etc.
This article aims to measure the worth of these educational courses generally in Nigeria

How Lucrative is Education in Nigeria?

Education as a course may be characterized as a good course if it fulfills the following factors
1.     It must equip graduates with skills that are relevant to the economy of Nigeria
2.     Graduates in education must be highly employable in Nigeria
3.     Graduates in education should find it easy to practice their profession independently in Nigeria
4.     Graduates in education must be well paid by their various employers in Nigeria.
Let’s measure how lucrative education is in Nigeria using the following questions.

1.     Are Graduates in Education or Educationists in High Demands in Nigeria:

Graduates in education are employed by the following employers in Nigeria;
·        Government agencies
·        Tertiary institutions
·        Secondary schools
The growing needs for education by almost all age groups in Nigeria makes education a good course to study in Nigeria
In terms of demands, education is a good course in Nigeria

2.     How Relevant is the Practice of Education to the Nigerian Economy:

Education is crucial to the survival of any nation and Nigeria is not excluded.
In terms of relevancy to the Nigeria economy, education is a good course to study in Nigeria

3.     How Easy does Educationists Find it to Practice their Profession Without Depending on Employers in Nigeria:

Averagely easy! Graduates in education could practice their profession without relying on their employers for job security.
In terms of autonomy, education is a good course to study in Nigeria

4.     Are Educationists Well Paid in Nigeria?

Educationists who find themselves in tertiary institutions or working with the government do earn a good paycheck each month.
However, a majority of graduates in education are underpaid.
In terms of the salary benefit, education is averagely a good course to study in Nigeria.

The Problem with Education as a Course in Nigeria

Education is a very lucrative career to pursue in Nigeria; however, there is a major problem that must be eliminated if the course must do well in Nigeria.
In Nigeria, anyone could practice education or be a teacher including those without proper certification. This issue would create unnecessary competition between true educationists and quacks.
As a result, many educationists would find it difficult to get a job. 


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