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Is Microbiology a Good Course to Study in Nigeria?

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Is microbiology a good course to study In Nigeria? How lucrative is microbiology in Nigeria?
is microbiology a good course in Nigeria

What is Microbiology?

Microbiology is simply the study of minute simple life forms. These living things are so small even for the human eyes to see them.
Some of these very tiny living organisms include bacteria, viruses, algae, archaea, fungi, prions, and protozoa, which are all known as 'microbes'
The field of microbiology therefore covers sub-fields in virology, bacteriology, protistology, mycology, immunology, and parasitology.
The relevance of the study of microbiology arises from the activities of microorganisms. While some play very detrimental roles, some are useful.
Microbiology studies are needed to develop new ways to fight diseases. Microbiologists also devise new ways to destroy microbes that are harmful to plants, animals and any life force.
Microbiology is, therefore, a relevant field influencing area in medicine, agriculture, biotechnology etc.

How Lucrative is Microbiology in Nigeria?

Is Microbiology a Good Course to Study in Nigeria?

Microbiology may be characterized as a good course if it fulfills the following factors
1.     It must equip graduates with skills that are relevant to the economy of Nigeria
2.     Graduates in microbiology must be highly employable in Nigeria
3.     Graduates in microbiology should find it easy to practice their profession independently in Nigeria
4.     Graduates in microbiology must be well paid by their various employers in Nigeria.
Let’s measure how lucrative microbiology is in Nigeria using the following questions.

1.     Are Microbiologists in high demands in Nigeria:

Microbiologists are employed by the following employers in Nigeria;

·        Hospitals
·        Pharmaceutical industry
·        Food and drink manufacturing industry
·        Research institute
·        Biotechnology industries
·        Tertiary institutions
·        Secondary schools
Of course, microbiologists are in high demands in Nigeria. The biotechnological industries in Nigeria consist of a wide range of companies. Microbiologists are relevant professionals that influence some of the operations at these companies.
Microbiologists are also relevant in top industries in Nigeria like the Pharmaceutical, food, and drink, medical among others
In terms of demands, microbiology is a good course to study in Nigeria

2.     How Relevant is Microbiology Practice to the Nigerian Economy:

Microbiology practice is very relevant to the country. Microbiologists are relevant in major industries in biotechnology, medicine, food, etc.
In terms of relevancy to the Nigeria economy, microbiology is a good course to study in Nigeria

3.     How Easy does Microbiologists Find it to Practice their Profession Without Depending on Employers in Nigeria:

Microbiology is not so easy to practice in Nigeria. Microbiologists in Nigeria, often depend on employers for jobs in Nigeria
In terms of independency, microbiology is not a good course in Nigeria

4.     Are Microbiologists Well Paid in Nigeria?

Microbiologists when compared to other careers professionals in Nigeria would earn averagely in Nigeria.
In terms of the emoluments, microbiology is averagely a good course to study in Nigeria


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