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Is Sociology a good course to study in Nigeria?

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Is sociology a good course to study in Nigeria? How lucrative is sociology in Nigeria?
 Read below to find out

Is Sociology a good course to study in Nigeria

What is Sociology?

Sociology can be said to be the study of human social relationships and institutions, social behavior and culture that surrounds our everyday life.
In essence, sociologists can study the reason for rape, stealing, and other unhealthy habits in society.
Sociologists can also study the beliefs of certain religions and many more.
Sociology, therefore, aims at studying people in relation to their social environment.

How can one Identify a Good Course in Nigeria?

Is Sociology a good course to study in Nigeria?

For a course to be considered good in Nigeria, it must satisfy the following factors;
1.     Relevancy to the economy
2.     High Employment Opportunities (Professionals in the field must be highly demanded).
3.     Autonomy (independent)
4.     Salary

How Lucrative is Sociology in Nigeria?

Sociology may be characterized as a good course if it fulfills the following factors
1.     It must equip graduates with skills that are relevant to the economy of Nigeria
2.     Graduates in sociology must be highly employable in Nigeria
3.     Graduates in sociology should find it easy to practice their profession independently in Nigeria
4.     Graduates in sociology must be well paid by their various employers in Nigeria.
Let’s measure how lucrative sociology is in Nigeria using the following questions.

1.     Are Sociologists in High Demands in Nigeria:

Sociologists are employed by the following employers in Nigeria;
·        Government agencies
·        Marketing Departments (Private firms)
·        Public Relations (Private firms)
·        Marketing Research firms
·        Law firms
·        Tertiary institutions
·        Secondary schools
In Nigeria, sociologists are somewhat in high demand. Sociologists’ unique skill or knowledge to study society makes them relevant in making marketing surveys, performing sales, and devising ways to improve the popularity of a company.
Their knowledge also makes them important human resources in law firms in Nigeria
In terms of demands, sociology is a good course in Nigeria

2.     How Relevant is the Practice of Sociology to the Nigerian Economy:

Sociology is an important discipline in Nigeria.
The study of sociology is useful mostly to discover human behavior with respect to its social environment.
From an economic viewpoint, companies which contribute to the economic growth of Nigeria would find sociologists relevant as Public relations officers, Human resources officers, marketers, etc.
In terms of relevancy to the Nigeria economy, sociology is a good course to study in Nigeria

3.     How Easy does Sociologists Find it to Practice their Profession Without Depending on Employers in Nigeria:

In Nigeria, sociology is not so easy to practice. Let me explain this deeper for you to understand.
Sociology is a social science which deals with the study of human behavior while taking cognizance of social factors. Ordinarily, the study would only be profitable for research or to inform. It is not really a profit-making idea to begin studying people.
They are therefore employed by employers which utilize that knowledge to achieve certain tasks or goals.
This implies that they are very dependent on their employers for job security.
In terms of autonomy, sociology is not a good course to study in Nigeria

4.     Are Sociologists Well Paid in Nigeria?

Sociologists when compared to other career-professionals in Nigeria would earn averagely well in Nigeria.
In terms of the emoluments, sociology is averagely a good course to study in Nigeria


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