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Is history a good course to study in Nigeria?

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Is history a good course to study In Nigeria? How lucrative is history in Nigeria? No doubt, a lot of Nigerian categorizes history as one of the underrated courses to study in Nigeria. This is so because they believe that the discipline provides its graduates with slim chances of landing a good job in Nigeria.
Well, that is why this article was written, to help you accurately measure the relevancy of a degree in history in Nigeria.

job-opportunities for history and international studies in-nigeria

What is History?

History is the study of past events that have been documented. The relevancy of history as a course lies in the fact that history is a crucial human experience that cannot be done away with.
History as a course would equip its graduates with good logical, analytical, and research skill which is valued by many employers in Nigeria.
Let’s proceed further, shall we?

How Lucrative is History as a Course in Nigeria?

Is history a good course to study in Nigeria?

History may be characterized as a good course if it fulfills the following factors
1.     It must equip graduates with skills that are relevant to the economy of Nigeria
2.     Graduates in history must be highly employable in Nigeria
3.     Graduates in history should find it easy to practice their profession independently in Nigeria
4.     Graduates in history must be well paid by their various employers in Nigeria.
Let’s measure how lucrative history is in Nigeria using the following questions.

1.     Are Graduates in History in High Demands in Nigeria:

Graduates in history can be employed by a wide range of employers in Nigeria. Graduates in history in Nigeria are trained to have good logical, analytical, research, teamwork, and communication skills which a wide range of employers in Nigeria value.
Their employers include academics institutions, financial institutions, marketing firms, PR firms, libraries, museums, accountancy firms, publishing houses, management consultancies, etc.
Graduates in history are in high demand in Nigeria.
In terms of demands, history is a good course in Nigeria

2.     How Relevant is History Practice to the Nigerian Economy:

Graduates in history possess the strong analytical skill which makes them valuable human resources in most industries in Nigeria
In terms of relevancy to the Nigeria economy, history is averagely a good course in Nigeria

3.     How Easy does History Find it to Practice their Profession Without Depending on Employers in Nigeria:

Graduates in history will find it somewhat hard to practice their profession without depending on their employers for job security
In terms of autonomy, history is not a good course in Nigeria

4.     Are Graduates in History Well Paid in Nigeria?

Graduates in history when compared to other career-professionals in Nigeria would earn slightly below average.
In terms of the emoluments, history is averagely a good course to study in Nigeria.

The Problem with Studying History as a Course in Nigeria

History is a great course to study, however, Nigeria is a developing country. The Nigerian economy is crippled.
In other words, there are too many graduates in history and fewer jobs available. This is a huge problem. While graduates in history may be able to fit into many industries in Nigeria, there are only a few industries available to accept them.


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