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Where can a Mechatronics Engineer Work in Nigeria?

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This post will enlighten you on some of the employment opportunities that await mechatronics engineers in Nigeria.
Before I proceed, you should know what mechatronics engineering is about.
Where can a Mechatronics Engineer Work in Nigeria?

Mechatronics Engineering

As a quest to better our lives, the field of engineering is ever advancing. So many intelligent systems once thought of are now becoming a reality.
Mechatronics engineering happens to be an engineering field that would keep that advancement going.
Mechatronics engineering is a broad discipline that combines the principles of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, control engineering, telecommunication engineering in the design and maintenance of smart systems.
Mechatronics engineering is a new course in Nigeria introduced not so long ago. However, its practice has been felt a long time ago.
There are so many systems that can be regarded as products of mechatronics engineering.
Systems like drones, smart refrigerators, manufacturing machines, and many more are products of mechatronics engineering.
This is because their designs require more than one engineering principle.

Careers in Mechatronics Engineering in Nigeria

As a mechatronics engineer, you find yourself pursuing a job as a;
·        Software engineer
·        Mechanical engineer
·        Electrical engineer
·        Electronics engineer
·        Control system design/troubleshooting engineer
·        Instrumentation engineer
·        Automation engineer
·        Computer engineer
·        Data scientist

Where can a Mechatronics Engineer work in Nigeria?

Where can a Mechatronics Engineer Work in Nigeria?

Mechatronics engineering is a very broad field in engineering. Since it is a combination of more than one engineering field, their employment opportunities are vast as well.
Mechatronics engineer would likely gain employment in the various industries that mechanical engineers, electrical electronics engineers, computer engineers, control engineers, and telecommunication engineers can work in Nigeria.

Mechatronics engineering will, therefore, be able to influence various areas of Nigeria where technology is required.

Such areas in Nigeria include;
·        Telecommunication
·        Biotechnology
·        Agriculture
·        Medicine
·        Food
·        Energy
·        Machinery
·        Electronics
·        Energy

Mechatronics Engineers can Work in the following industries or firms in Nigeria;

·        Oil and gas companies
·        Engineering consulting firms
·        Construction companies
·        Chemical companies
·        Manufacturing companies 
·        Energy companies
·        Telecommunication companies
·        Banks
·        Food processing companies
·        Aviation companies
·        Tertiary institution
·        Secondary schools

Duties of a Mechatronics Engineer in Nigeria

Mechatronics engineers in Nigeria should be able to perform the following roles depending on the establishment they offer their services to;
1.     Install equipment
2.     Design intelligent systems to perform certain tasks
3.     Maintain these systems
4.     Work on engineering projects with other team engineers
5.     Design, manage and control electromechanical systems
6.     Test new equipment
7.     Interpret blueprints or engineering drawings of systems or equipment
8.     Inspect failing equipment.

Prospects of Mechatronics Engineering in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are numerous employment opportunities available for mechatronics engineers. This implies that mechatronics engineers are in high demand in Nigeria

How to Become a Mechatronics Engineer in Nigeria

To become a mechatronics engineer in Nigeria, you can study mechatronics engineering in some of the few Nigerian universities that offer the program.
Earning a degree in mechanical engineering or electrical electronics engineering can also prepare you for a career in mechatronics engineering.

O’level Requirements to Study Mechatronics Engineering

·        Mathematics
·        Physics
·        English
·        Chemistry
·        Biology/ Agriculture and any other three subjects

JAMB Requirements to Study Mechatronics Engineering in Nigeria

·        Mathematics
·        English
·        Physics
·        Chemistry

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