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Career, Employment and Job Opportunities in Microbiology in Nigeria

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This article will help widen your knowledge on the careers available in microbiology in Nigeria.
where can microbiologist work in Nigeria


Microbiology is the science that studies extremely small forms of life such as viruses and bacteria.
It is also a branch of biology that deals with microscopic forms of life.
These forms of life studied by a microbiologist can be either detrimental or beneficial.
Microbiologists study the interactions between humans and microorganisms, how they affect our lives, as well as the roles these organisms play in the environment.
Microbiology involves several fields such as medicine, pharmacy, clinical research, agriculture, water industry, dairy industry and chemical technology. 

Duties of a Microbiologist in Nigeria

Microbiologists can perform the following duties in the various industries where they are employed in Nigeria
·        They develop and maintain validation in all protocols for various environmental control
·        Perform laboratory analysis on materials after appropriate sterilization
·        Perform tests on component samples, identify any contamination and perform analysis source for same and initiate, corrective actions
·        Perform and supervise tests on various microbiological activities regularly

Skill Requirements to be Successful in Microbiology in Nigeria

To be a success in microbiology in Nigeria, the following skills are needed;
·        Good communication skills
·        Organizational skills
·        Critical thinking skills
·        Math skills
·        Observatory skills
·        Time management skill
·        Problem-solving skill
·        IT skill

Career Opportunities in Microbiology in Nigeria

Career options available in microbiology in Nigeria include;
·        Research assistant
·        Microbiologist
·        Industrial microbiologist
·        Agricultural microbiologist
·        Veterinary microbiologist
·        Clinical microbiologist
·        Water microbiologist
·        Pharmaceutical microbiologist
·        Microbes

Employment Opportunities in Microbiology in Nigeria

Microbiologists are employed by the following employers in Nigeria;
·        Hospitals
·        Food and drink companies
·        Pharmaceutical companies
·        Water treatment companies
·        Universities
·        Government laboratories
·        Veterinary hospitals
·        Medical schools

JAMB UTME Subject Combination to Study Microbiology in Nigeria

·        English language (compulsory)
·        Chemistry
·        Physics
·        Biology

O’level Subject Requirements to Study Microbiology in Nigeria

·        English language
·        Mathematics
·        Chemistry
·        Physics
·        Biology

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