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Where can an Agricultural Economist Work in Nigeria

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This post will enlighten you on some of the employment opportunities that await an agricultural economist in Nigeria.
Before I proceed, you should know what agricultural economics is all about.

Where can an Agricultural Economist Work in Nigeria

What is Agricultural Economics?

Mere looking at the term “agricultural economics”, we might conclude in our minds that this simply entails the application of economics to agriculture. Well, this isn’t wrong.
According to Britannica, agricultural economics is the study of the allocation, distribution and utilization of the resources used, along with the commodities produced, by farming.
Agricultural economists are therefore concerned on how to manage and optimize the operations and resources of crop production or livestock farming through the application of core economics concept either at a micro or macro level.
An agricultural economist is, therefore, an expert who tries to solve the problem related to the distribution and production of agricultural products.
An expert in agricultural economics engages his or her time analyzing and understanding the economic activity within the agricultural market.

Careers in Agricultural Economics in Nigeria

As an agricultural economist, you find yourself pursuing a job as a;
·        Agribusiness managers
·        Agribusiness specialist
·        Agricultural loan officer
·        Agricultural economist
·        Agricultural development officer
·        Agricultural marketing specialist
·        Economic Analyst
·        Economic Development Coordinator
·        Environmental Economist
·        Financial Analyst
·        Marketer
·        Merchandiser
·        Public Policy Analyst
·        Salesperson
·        Statistician
·        Supply Chain Manager
·        Farm managers
·        Commodity brokers
·        Technical writers for agro-based journals, magazines, etc.
·        Accountants
·        Supervisor

Where can an Agricultural Economist Work in Nigeria?

Agricultural economics understands deeply, core economics theories, practices and policies which applies it to the world of agriculture.
There are therefore able to manage and optimize the distribution and production of agricultural produce in whatsoever establishment they may find themselves.
An agricultural economist would likely land a job in almost any industry in Nigeria related to food and agriculture.

Agricultural economists can, therefore, gain employment or Work in the following industries or firms in Nigeria;

·        Agro-based companies
·        Commercial farm management companies
·        Environmental consultancies
·        Food processing companies
·        Food retail companies
·        Government agencies
·        Media organization (agricultural journalism)
·        Financial institutions
·        Tertiary institution
·        Secondary schools

Duties of an Agricultural economist in Nigeria

An agricultural economist in Nigeria should be able to perform the following roles depending on the establishment they offer their services to;
1.     Apply economics theory to the management and optimization of the world of agriculture
2.     Carry out surveys to understand the trends in the agricultural markets of Nigeria
3.     Interpret and communicate the survey report to their managers
4.     Influence the operations and management of the firm through information from their survey
5.     Manage resources
6.     Influences agricultural policies
7.     Stay up-to-date with trends of the agricultural market

Prospects of Agricultural Economics in Nigeria

The relevancy of agriculture to our Nigerian economy cannot be understated. The optimization of the production and distribution of resources in the world of agriculture in Nigeria is the job of agricultural economists.
Agricultural economists are therefore in demand by areas related to food, agriculture, and financial institutions in Nigeria.

How to Become an Agricultural Economist in Nigeria

Basically, to become an agricultural economist in Nigeria, you must have a strong passion for both agriculture and economics at the secondary school.
Next, you will need to obtain a degree in agricultural economics which is offered by so some universities in Nigeria.

Below is the o’level subject combination to read agricultural economics in Nigeria by most Nigerian universities;

·        English language
·        Mathematics
·        Agricultural science/ biology
·        Chemistry
·        Physics and any other three subjects

JAMB subject requirements to read agricultural economics by most Nigerian universities;

·        English language
·        Agriculture/ Biology
·        Physics
·        Chemistry (Please check Jamb brochure for requirements to study agricultural economics for each school)

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