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Where can a Health Educator Work in Nigeria?

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This post will enlighten you on some of the employment opportunities that await health educator or human educationist in Nigeria.
Before I proceed, you should know what health education is about.
Where can a Health Educator Work in Nigeria?

What is Health Education?

Imagine life without good health? Frustrating right? Yes, very frustrating.
There is a common saying that goes like this “health is wealth”. The first person to say this must be a genius. This is because, without good health, you can’t make wealth or any achievement. In fact, health is needed to run the most minor task in our lives.
Health can therefore be defined as a state of physical, mental, and social wellness in which the sickness or disease is absent.
Health educators or health educationists teach people on ways to stay healthy and fit.
A health educationist understands the basic and core principles of staying healthy and helps others stay healthy as well.
Remember, health is not just the mere absence of diseases but the state of the mental, social, and physical well-being of an individual.
Health education, therefore, covers physical health, social health, emotional health, social health, intellectual health, and spiritual health, as well as sexual and reproductive health education.

Careers Opportunities in Health Education in Nigeria

As a health educator or health educationist, you can find yourself pursuing the following job in Nigeria;
·        Higher Education lecturer
·        Secondary school teacher
·        Social worker
·        Community development worker
·        Health improvement practitioner
·        Counselors
·        Personal trainer
·        Youth worker

Where can a Health Educationist work in Nigeria?

A health educationist in Nigeria will possess the knowledge of promoting health in whatever establishment they are found.
Health educators are therefore relevant human resources where the need to educate people about their health is needed.
Remember, health doesn’t just mean an absence from diseases but also entails emotional, social, mental, and physical well-being

Health Educators can therefore gain employment or Work in the following industries or firms in Nigeria;

·        Government agencies in relation to offering social services and education departments
·        Tertiary institution
·        Secondary schools
·        Gyms
·        Hospitals
·        Individual and family services

Duties of a Health Educator or Health Educationist in Nigeria

Health Educationist in Nigeria should be able to perform the following roles depending on the establishment they offer their services to;

1.      Educate people on the behaviors that would lead to the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health.
2.     Plan and develop strategies to improve the health of individuals.
3.     Develop programs in relation to the health need of individuals.
4.     Conduct outreach programs in relation to health
5.     Determine the health needs of an individual or a wider set of people.
6.     To improve the relationship between individuals and healthcare professionals.
7.     Teach people the best ways to react when it comes to health-related issues

Prospects of Health Education in Nigeria

One of the advantages of earning a degree in health education in Nigeria is there is a  few numbers of a health educator in Nigeria which really lowers the competition in securing a job as a health educationist.
Moreover, health educators may not need to solely rely on employers for job security. This is because there are opportunities to become an entrepreneur by rendering health education services to individuals, families, and organizations.

How to Become a Health Educationist or Health Educator in Nigeria

The first step in becoming a health educator or health educationist in Nigeria is a passion for teaching and health sciences.
Next, you would need to obtain a degree in health education in Nigeria.
The o'level subject requirements to study health education includes English language, biology, mathematics, and other relevant subjects. 
JAMB requirements for health education include; English language, Biology, and two other relevant subjects. 
Have fun pursuing your desired course!

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