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Bankers Salary in Nigeria (The Big Truth)

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Do you wish to know how much bankers earn in Nigeria? If yes, your search on bankers' Salaries in Nigeria can finally come to an end. This is because this article was specifically written to provide you with information on “Nigerian bankers' salary” or “Bankers salary in Nigeria”.

bankers salary in Nigeria

As we all know, the banking industry is one of the most lucrative industries in Nigeria. The banking industry is one of the most reputable industries in Nigeria because of the success it has experienced so far. As a result of its prestige, so many graduates envision themselves as bankers.

The high pressure of so many bankers to get a job in the bank could make one ask “just how much salary do bankers make every month in Nigeria?”

Well, this article aims to put an end to your uncertainty concerning bankers’ salary in Nigeria.

Before I reveal to you the Nigerian bankers' salary, it is important you know who is a banker and what they do.

Who is a Banker?

A banker is a professional which works in a banking institution and performs a range of financial transactions.

Duties or Tasks of a Banker

A banker can be tasked with the following responsibilities or tasks depending on factors like job setting, position, and experience.

1.      Educating clients on banking processes

2.      Creating bank accounts for clients

3.      Closing clients’ bank accounts when requested

4.      Managing the bank accounts of clients

5.      Processing payments, deposit, and withdrawals

6.      Issue loan when requested and valid

7.      Recording of financial transactions

8.      Advertising banking services to potential clients

9.      Cooperating with other banking experts to ensure that a quality service is delivered to clients.

10. Solving clients’ problems or attending to clients’ queries

11. Provides clients with financial advice etc.

Bankers Salary in Nigeria

That’s it; you have arrived at the core of the article “Nigerian bankers’ salary”. We would now be revealing to you bankers' salary in Nigeria.

There is a belief by many Nigerians that Nigerian bankers are well paid. This belief usually arises from a neat or classy way Nigerian bankers do dress at work. Well, this is not erroneous at all, as bankers salaries’ in Nigeria are quite enviable.

Bankers’ salary in Nigeria is influenced by the bank they work for.

It is important to be aware of the fact that there is a difference in salary pay by various banks in Nigeria. This, therefore, implies that some banks would pay better than others.

We would provide you with a glimpse of bankers’ salary in Nigeria using the salary pay, of some of the most reputable banks in Nigeria;

   ·  FCMB (First City Monument Bank):

FCMB on the average would pay its staffs N350, 000

  · Guarantee Trust Bank:

On average, Guarantee Trust Bank would pay its staffs N200, 000

  · First Bank of Nigeria:

On the average, First Bank of Nigeria would pay its staffs N350, 000

  ·  Zenith Bank:

On the average, Zenith Bank would pay its staffs N300, 000

  ·  Fidelity bank:

On average, Fidelity would pay its staffs N300, 000

  ·  United Bank of Africa:

On average, the United Bank of Africa would pay its staffs N300, 000

  ·  Central Bank of Nigeria:

On average, the Central Bank of Nigeria would pay its staffs N250, 000

  ·  Ecobank:

On average, Ecobank would pay its staffs N250, 000

  ·  Sterling bank:

On the average, Sterling bank would pay its staffs N200, 000

  ·  Union Bank of Nigeria:

On average, the United Bank of Nigeria would pay its staff N200, 000.

Do you have what it takes to become a Banker in Nigeria?

To be able to become a successful banker in Nigeria and beyond, you need to possess the following important attributes or skills;

   · Excellent communication skill:

Bankers must possess excellent communication skill since they deal majorly with clients

   · Strong numeracy skill:

The job of a banker requires calculation. Strong numeracy is therefore crucial to your success as a banker.

   ·Ability to work under Pressure:

The nature of banking jobs is pressurizing due to the high number of clients needing financial services. You would need to be able to work under pressure to be a successful banker in Nigeria.


Integrity is a must for every banker that does not want to lose his job.

   · Extra-careful:

If you are careless, I am afraid to say that the banking job is not for you. Bankers need to be very careful as they work because money is a delicate resource

Other important qualities are;

·         Leadership skill

·         Management skill

·         General IT skill

·         Interpersonal skill

·         Customer service skills.

Any thought on “bankers salary in Nigeria”, let’s hear it in the comment section below.

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