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Advice for Second Class (2.2) or Third Class Graduates (Killer Tips)

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A lot of people believe that 2.2 or 3rd class graduates will never land a good in Nigeria. This is because of the nature of the Nigerian economy.

 Every single year, Nigerian tertiary institutions produce thousands of graduates. The number of jobs available, when compared to the number of graduates from various Nigerian tertiary institutions, would usually pale into insignificance.

As a result, there is a lot of struggle to land a good job in Nigeria. The search for a job is even sometimes very difficult for second class upper and first-class graduates in Nigeria.

I have seen a first-class graduate of geology who has not used his certificate once to work for an establishment. I have also seen a second class upper graduate with a master’s degree who ended up as a secondary teacher. This was not his dream job.

In essence, the high population of graduates looking for a job has impelled the very few employers of labor to be strict when selecting their employees.

That is why in Nigeria, there are so many establishments that would consider only 2.1 or first class graduates for employment.

So logically, first-class and second class graduates have higher chances of landing good jobs in Nigeria.

The pain of not seeing a job in Nigeria is not easy to bear. It makes many to call university a scam. It makes many to regret ever investing in school.

So what’s next?

Below I would present you with killer tips which will help you stand out no matter your grade.

Advice for Second Class (2.2) or Third Class Graduates

Killer Tips for 2.2 or 3rd class graduates

These tips would help you a lot if you are a 2.2 or 3rd class.

1.     Refuse to be Myopic:

advice for third class graduates

To be myopic means to be narrow-minded or to have a mindset filled with limitations. This is my first advice to any 2.2 or 3rd graduates.

The issue of unemployment in Nigeria cuts across every grade whether you graduated with the best grade in Nigeria. Unemployment is a cancerous disease in Nigeria which will only be solved when Nigerians (citizens and government) are intentional about eradicating the problem.

In other words, if you wish to fight unemployment, your mindset remains a significant factor.

I have heard of a young individual who got a job in a very big company where he works in the documentation department. He didn’t have a single degree aside his O’level certificate and yet at the time where the company needs someone to fill in that space, he was chosen.

Your grade is one of the factors of landing a good job in Nigeria; however, it is not all that matters. There are a lot of successful school drop-outs in the world. There are successful today because they didn’t give up regardless of whatever challenges they are passing through.

Having a positive mindset would save you a whole lot of trouble. I know of a family friend who studied business administration with a third class. With his third class, he gained employment in Coca-Cola and he is recently a top manager in his branch.

Anything is possible as far as you do not give up on yourself.

2.     Don’t stop Applying for a Job:

advice for third class graduates

There are so many 2.2 or 3rd class graduates that have negative mindsets about their grades.
They feel their grades are so bad that they have given up completely on their job hunt. This situation can be attributed to a narrow mindset.
Well, if you have a 2.2 or a lower grade, do not stop applying for jobs. There are many employers in Nigeria that still accepts 2.2 or 3rd class graduates.

3.     Acquire a Skill:

advice for third class graduate

Frankly speaking, establishments need expertise to survive and not certificate. As a result, some employers are looking for those with skills or expertise rather than just good grades.
I have seen a first-class graduate who went for an interview and was not able to defend his stellar grades. He was of course, not employed.
The reason why some 3rd class graduates are employed is because of their ability or skill.
The world is advancing and so is Nigeria. For industries in Nigeria to experience a paradigm shift, it needs people with skills or expertise or people with innovative ideas.
If you are a genius at a particular skill, you won’t be looking for a job rather jobs will be finding you.
Employers in Nigeria are looking for people with worth. The skill you acquire today can make you develop that worth.

4.     Be an IT Expert:

Advice for Second Class (2.2) or 3rd class Graduates (Killer Tips)

Nowadays, knowledge in the use of computer technology is a criterion sought by almost every employer in Nigeria. This is because of the use of computer cuts across various industries.

Being an IT expert will make you a valuable asset regardless of your grades. There are so many jobs you can fit in as an IT expert.

5.     Entrepreneurship:

The high level of unemployment in Nigeria is rather too obvious in Nigeria. It is saying “entrepreneurship is the next big step for Nigerians”.

If you read this article diligently, you would know that even a first-class degree is not a guarantee to landing a good job in Nigeria.

It does not sound reasonable for a million graduates to be pursuing 50 jobs. The sincere truth is that many will not get a job in Nigeria.

There is therefore a need for a million graduates to begin a create jobs for themselves and others if possible. This is where entrepreneurship comes in.

With entrepreneurship, you can earn as little as N50 and as much a trillion naira. There is no limitation when it comes to entrepreneurship. Just look around you, Nigeria is blessed with loads of opportunities. There are so many parts of the economy you can invest in.

If only you can develop a deep or profound knowledge of the business you are interested in, you would prosper.

6.     Pray to God:

Advice for 3rd class Graduates

Believe this or not, there are many ways God can help you. God can help you get a good job or give you a deep understanding of how to make money. God has helped many in the past and he can still help you today.
Those who put God first in everything they do would see the hands of God in everything they do.

That’s it friends, my advice to all 2.2 and 3rd class graduates. Good luck, as you pursue your dreams.

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