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Costly Mistakes that you should avoid during NYSC

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Mistakes are bad and regrettable. NYSC is quite interesting. Mistakes can make your NYSC become a regrettable experience. Surely, you do not need your NYSC to be regrettable.

As part of the criteria for fresh graduates in Nigeria, they are required by the country to serve their nation. This is known as the National Youth Service Corps.

This can be a great start for many Nigerian fresh graduates. It can expose you to a myriad of opportunities. However, only a few make use of the opportunities that NYSC presents.

It is, however, heartbreaking and so unfortunate to see how many corp members abuse the opportunities that come with NYSC.

This article aims to expose some of the costly mistakes that most corpers makes during NYSC.

It is therefore advisable to avoid these mistakes so that you can have a wonderful experience serving Nigeria.

Mistakes that Most Corpers Make during National Service

1.     Lavish Spending:

Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid During National Service

This is one of the worst mistakes that most corpers make during their National Service. You should really try to avoid this big error.

During your National Service, you would be privileged to earn some money. The Federal and State government are shouldered with the responsibility of granting NYSC corpers incentives. Also, if you are lucky enough, you would also be paid by your employer in your Place of Primary Assignment (P.P.A).

Frankly speaking, this money is quite impressive for a fresh graduate. This is indeed a rare opportunity in a country like Nigeria.

This is due to the crippled nature of the Nigerian economy which has narrowed the possible chances of getting a job in Nigeria.

You must have been hearing for a very long time now; “There is no job in Nigeria!”

Yes, it is an unfortunate truth that there are few establishments for a large number of graduates out there. Evidence of this is the fact that unemployment is continuously on the rise in Nigeria.

Perhaps, NYSC is a great start for fresh graduates. With a continuous flow of emoluments or incentives, graduates can be able to set up businesses or become entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

At the end of the year, a diligent NYSC copper could be able to save as much as N350, 000 which could go a long way for him or her after service.

This however is not the case for most NYSC corp members. Some corp members are simply lavish spenders.

I once heard of a story about an NYSC corp member who spent all of his money on clothes. When he was done with his National service, there was no job and no money to start up a business.

I have also seen a NYSC corp member who spent all her service money on food and ended up roaming around the streets in search of a job.

Lavish spending on the money you get from NYSC can be detrimental especially considering present-day Nigeria.

Lavish spending is a very good way to become a friend of poverty. It also reflects a bad attitude towards achieving financial freedom.

If you wish to not have a regrettable experience after your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), avoid lavish spending.

2.     Bad attitude towards work:

Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid During National Service

Some NYSC corp members make the costly mistake of displaying a very bad attitude towards their work and also their employers.

They behave lazy, arrogant, and selfish. This behavior can make NYSC corp members lose a myriad of opportunities.

You should know that bad behavior can never help you get retained after NYSC.

3.     Rumpy Pumpy 

Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid During NYSC

Some fresh graduates especially ladies come to the NYSC camp with the mentality that they will find their missing rib or should I say, soul mate. This is not wrong though.

However, this can result in some corp members making love thinking it would keep the guy they believe to be their soul mate. This foolish act of theirs gives the guys a go-ahead to take them for granted thereby leading to heartbreaks and regrets.

Corper guys on the other hand, instead of coming to serve the country in peace, come to have fun by having making love with innocent ladies who believe them to be their future spouse. There are consequences to this animalistic act of corp members such as sexually transmitted diseases.

There is something called ‘marriage before sex’. A man must first take you to the altar before he has the right to go into you.

Those who find their missing rib in the camp have been granted grace- it is a good coincidence but coincidences don’t always happen. Therefore, do not carry wrong mentalities around but face reality and be always cautious of your body.

4.     Negligence towards skill acquisition classes (SAED):

Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid During NYSC

The chance of landing a good job in Nigeria is slim. This is because of the crippled nature of the economy. In other words, the number of jobs available in Nigeria would pale into insignificance when compared to the number of graduates in Nigeria.

Skill acquisition programs might just be the best thing that could happen to a corp member.

While this is an awesome opportunity to fight unemployment, some corp members usually neglect this opportunity. This is a costly mistake that so many corp members might pay for in posterity.

5.     It is not a popularity contest:

Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid During NYSC

Going to service and trying to be popular is also a mistake that many corp members make.

This is not often bad. However, some corp members usually pursue popularity at the expense of their morals. The consequences of their actions are usually dire.

6.     Isolation:

Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid During NYSC

To isolate means to set apart or cut from others. Some corp members usually think that this is good and reflect good moral conduct.

 However, it is a costly mistake that corp members should avoid. Isolating oneself comes with a lot of detrimental consequences.

Remember, "connection" is a factor that has played so well in the securement of jobs for many graduates. This is why the word “connection” is now on the lips of so many Nigerians when they converse about securing a job.

You will never know who might just help you out when it comes to securing a good job in Nigeria.

Isolation would deny you that opportunity if you aren’t careful. So avoid isolating yourself and began associating with people.


NYSC has been initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria for entirely good reasons. Use it to your advantage and not to your disadvantage!


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