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Do not go to any University in Nigeria, if you do not know these Secrets.

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Some Nigerians have always seen those who went to the University as a big achiever.

Going to the university for most students is a dream come true.

If they are not there at the university, then their lives are not complete, many would say to themselves.

University is great. Education is great! It is all great. But there are certain things you should know if you are a hungry Nigerian dying to gain admission into the University.

I will present these points and explain them to you in the simplest way I can.

1.     Times has changed
2.     University is not Education
3.     Just Look at the Nigerian economy
4.     Unemployment is on the rise
5.     Do you have the connection
6.     Companies are folding up
7.     It is no longer about hard work
8.     It is about playing smart
9.     Mostly dexterous personality will survive
10.  Will the university deliver?

These are the core points you should really be thinking before entering any university in Nigeria.

I hear so many Nigerians say, school is a scam. This is not entirely true, but there is a truth in this.

Let me explain the above point to enlighten you better.
1.     Times has Changed:

Nigeria before has fewer graduates competing for jobs. There were jobs ready to accommodate the very few graduates. But now, those times are past.

Every single year, Nigerian universities produce an innumerable number of students that the job market could hardly even contain.

Our population has increased but establishments are yet very few. Nigeria is developing but it is yet to develop.

2.      University is not Education:

University is not education; it is rather an agent of education. Education is learning and improving. University is there to help you to learn and improve.

Education can be picked up on the streets. In fact, you can gain a new experience from anybody as far as they are talented.

3.     Just Look at the Nigerian economy:

The economy of Nigeria is crippled. It is all over the NEWS, the radios, and even on the lips of so many Nigerians.
Corruption is the cause.

4.     Unemployment is on the rise:

Unemployment is no doubt on the rise. There are so many graduates out there that do not have a job to boast of.
A Master’s degree and Ph.D. degree is not even a guarantee for a good job in Nigeria. The companies or industries in Nigeria are rather too few for the large population.

5.     Do you have the connection:

Haven’t you heard of nepotism? Nepotism in Nigeria is a big problem and is now practiced by most employers.
Most employers only need their relatives and friends to work for them even in an establishment that is not theirs.

6.     Companies are folding up:

So many companies are losing their capacity.
In the year 2015, the rate of people who lost their job as a result of the economic recession was extremely high.

7.     It is about playing smart:

In Nigeria, hard work is no longer a solution. It isn’t about going to school, reading extremely hard, and coming out with good grades, and then hoping for a job, it is about playing smart.
It is about understanding the times and taking the right decisions. Gaining a degree in any Nigerian university is not a problem at all but not knowing the next big step to take is where the problem lies.

8.     Mostly dexterous personality will survive:

Only those with good skills will find it easy to survive in Nigeria. It is rather too obvious that Nigeria lacks the capacity to employ all of its graduates.
It is high time, Nigerians begin to gain and develop the skills that will help them to survive in this hard country.

9.     Will the university deliver?

If you wish to gain admission to any Nigerian university, ask yourself this question; will the university deliver?
Would you gain valuable skills that will help you to gain autonomy even when there is no job?
Would you be able to stand out at the end of the day?


Think smart in a country like Nigeria.

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