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How to Get a Job Fast in Nigeria without Connection (Big Secrets!)

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For some Nigerians, getting a job is all about making money. However, getting a job is far beyond just making enough money to pay the bills, it is what makes one feel truly alive.

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How to Get a Job Fast in Nigeria without Connection

Without a job, many Nigerians would feel frustrated and bitter. A good job really keeps our human minds alive and active.

Unfortunately, landing a job in Nigeria can be truly frustrating.

It is an undeniable fact that unemployment is the order of the day in Nigeria. There are so many graduates who do not have jobs. They are roaming around the streets in search of even the most minor jobs but unable to get one.

I have seen a graduate of mechanical engineering who is yet to be employed after graduating for about 5 years back.

There are so many terrible stories to tell about the frustration of most of our Nigerian graduates in relation to landing a good job.

However, there are many Nigerian graduates with very good jobs. Some of these graduates got a good job so fast in Nigeria without connection at a very young age.

I have seen someone who graduated from the department of finance and banking and after 3 months, got a job as an academic librarian with very good pay. Right now, she is a lecturer.

"How can I get a job fast in Nigeria without connection?" "Is it really possible to get a job immediately after I graduate from any university in Nigeria?" Of course, this is very possible. This article would show you little secrets that will help you to get a job very fast in Nigeria without connection.

Secrets to help you Land a Job Fast in Nigeria

1.     Improve your Skill in relation to your Career:

how to get a job fast in Nigeria

This is the first secret on this list. A lot of graduates know this; however, many are too lazy to improve their skills.

Improving your skill is the fastest way to land a good job in Nigeria even if you are not a graduate.

I have heard of someone who doesn’t have a higher education degree working in an oil and gas company and collecting good pay. He was employed because of his skill in pipeline welding.

Some years ago, a friend was telling me about his experience of how he landed a good job in a chemical company. According to him, about four people were in for the interview. During the interview, their logic was tested. They were presented with a machine and were ask to operate it. Only those who can operate it quite well were given the job regardless of qualification. He didn’t have a master’s degree but he was hired above those who had master’s degrees. This is because he could operate the machine.

Employers are not looking for people who would just collect salaries. They need people who can bring a proven ability to their duty.

If you have improved your skill in regards to your career, you would get a job fast in Nigeria. This is because skill is a natural advertiser. It will advertise you to the world. 

In other words, those with the right skill would get a good job real quick in Nigeria.

2.     Become a Computer Expert:

how to get a job fast in Nigeria

There is a myriad of opportunities and benefits that came with the emergence of computer technology. Surprisingly, this emergence of computer technology has also helped so many Nigerians to get a job.

Computer tech is so crucial nowadays that so many establishments are now enjoying its advantages.

With the vast use of computers in so many establishments in Nigeria, computer experts wouldn’t lack a job in Nigeria.

I have heard of a chemical engineering graduate who landed a good job as a secretary in a construction company because of her knowledge of the use of computers.

Being a computer expert exposes you to various employment opportunities that cut across various industries in Nigeria.

3.     Acquire Professional Certificates:

how to get a job fast in Nigeria

There was this church member of mine who was seeking a job for a very long time. For about 6 years, he was unemployed.  Although he had been thriving for the ICAN certificate, he has been failing the exams. Don’t blame him, the exam is quite tough. At last, he finally passed his ICAN exam and was professionally certified. The moment that happened, he got a really lucrative job. That is the power of a professional certificate in Nigeria.

Professional certificates can boost your chances of employment really high. This is because it reflects your expertise in a professional field. That’s what employers want to see; skills, professionalism, expertise, etc.

Luckily, there are various professional courses that cut across various career paths in Nigeria.

4.     Make Effective Use of your Opportunities:

how to get a job fast in Nigeria

When I did my industrial training sometimes ago, I had noticed the behavior of different people towards work. Some were not diligent while some were diligent. The diligence ones were marked and had higher chances of getting retained after their graduation.

You can be lucky to get retained during your NYSC. You can also be lucky to be called by the establishment you carried out your industrial training in. All this depends on your attitude when you had the opportunity to work for the establishment.

Making effective use of that opportunity can simplify your job search.

5.     Compose a beautiful CV:

how to get a job fast in Nigeria

Make your CV enviable and attractive. Your CV is an important factor that influences your employers’ decision.

Your CV will be very beautiful if you spice it up with work experiences. That is what most employers want to see. However, if you do not have any work experience to present in your CV, be sure to tell your employer about your personal qualities, skills, and many others in your CV.

Try as much as possible to make your CV enticing.

6.     Do your best during Job Interviews:

how to get a job fast in Nigeria

A job interview is a chance you have to convince your employer. If you are able to convince your employer well enough, you would get the job.

Improving your communication skills would help you do well in a job interview. However, the best way to do your best in a job interview is to practice consistently before the interview.

7.     Don’t stop Applying for a Job:

how to get a job fast in Nigeria

Do not stop applying for a job until you land a good job in Nigeria. The moment you give up on your search, it would become tougher to get a job fast in Nigeria.
With the right skill, getting a job fast in Nigeria wouldn’t be so hard.

8.     Create New Connections:

how to get a job fast in Nigeria

Tell your friends, family, and relatives about your job search. I have seen so many graduates who got a job fast in Nigeria because they were advertised by those they know.


My little advice to you is that you should not give up. Getting a job can be frustrating but the above tips will help you a lot.

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