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Secrets to make First Class in any Nigerian University (THE BITTER TRUTH)

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Making a first-class degree in any Nigerian university can be back-breaking. I mean is there anything good in this life that is not demanding.

how to make first class in Nigerian universities
Everything demands a sacrifice. You want to make money, heaven, or a contest. All are strenuous.
However, making a first-class in any Nigerian university requires more than just reading 24 hours a day. Although, it would be nice to read hour after hour. You will really put a whole lot of things into your head but that will not make you earn a first-class degree.
Trust me; it takes more than just soaking yourself in books. A lot of people year after year has tried to make a first-class in Nigerian universities and have failed. They didn’t fail out; in fact, we have a lot of Nigerian students with really good results but not a first-class degree.
So how do you make a first-class degree if you can’t make it through reading?
Good, a smart question to ask.
Various universities in Nigeria usually output some number of first-class graduates each year. However, that number when compared to the total number of graduates for each year would pale into insignificance or it is considered so small.
There are so many departments in some universities in Nigeria that find it so difficult to graduate a first-class student. 
For instance, there are claims that the department of mechanical engineering, University of Port-Harcourt hasn’t graduated first-class graduates in the last 10 years or more until 2016 when only one first-class graduate was achieved.
If this is true, does that imply that no brilliant student has landed the department for like 10 years? No!

The Problem with Achieving First Class in Nigerian Universities

how to make first class in Nigerian universities

I want to be frank with you. Achieving a first-class is very easy. With the right attitude to reading or studying, you are good to go.
However, what if they are corrupt lecturers? Well, you can’t tell me that they are no corrupt lecturers in Nigerian universities. Haven’t you heard of Mark for Sex before? This is a product of corruption.
In fact, we are all corrupt in Nigeria. Corruption runs in our vain. The human race in general is corrupt.
To make things easier for you, I would be listing and explaining some of the reasons why you may find it hard to earn a first-class degree in Nigerian universities.
1.     Corruption
2.    The hideous mentality of lecturers
3.     Conceptual difficulty.
The first reason why you may find it difficult to make a first-class degree in Nigeria is corruption.

1.     Corruption:

Secrets to Graduate with First Class in any Nigerian University

There are some departments in Nigerian universities in which the lecturers promote bribes. They intentionally fail students or grade them wrongly so as ensure that students pay their way to success.
In this situation, you can’t earn a first-class degree by just mere reading. Sorry, to say you would need Jesus.
Some lecturers even go as far as saying “A is for me, B is for those that pay, and C is for the very serious students. This is completely inappropriate and certainly the product of corruption.

2.    The Erroneous mentality of Some Lecturers:

Secrets to Graduate with First Class in any Nigerian University

Some lecturers believe that they were graded wrongly when they were at university back then. Since they could not make a first-class degree even when they feel deserving of such a high degree, they make sure that others do not earn such a degree.
As a result, they grade other students wrongly. This is one of the reasons why some students in Nigerian universities struggle too hard only to see poor grades.

3.     Conceptual Difficulty:

Secrets to Graduate with First Class in any Nigerian University

The conceptual difficulty is the difficulty you pass through understanding concepts or ideas.
In Nigerian universities and of course, many other universities around the world, some courses are difficult than others due to their intricate concepts.
There are some courses where the demands for hard work is rather less. It is easier to make a first-class degree in a simpler course.
However, it is possible but difficult to graduate with a first-class degree in some hard courses in Nigeria.

The Secrets to Graduating with a First Degree in any Nigerian Universities

Secrets to Graduate with First Class in any Nigerian University

To be able to overcome all the hurdles and come out with a first-class degree, you must observe these principles.
I can’t really say they are easy to observe because it takes a lot of commitment to achieve a first-class degree.
These are the secrets;
1.     Pray to God
2.     Prioritize your goals
3.     Reduce social activities
4.     Observe Note-taking
5.     Study smart
6.     Use past questions
7.     Hope for the best
Let me explain each of these

1.     Pray to God:

Remember how I told you that some Nigerian universities have some corrupt lecturers who can ridicule your effort so matter what you do.
Well, the only way you can overcome this very tough hurdle is prayer. I don’t know any other way sincerely.
 There are so many other benefits that come with praying including securing you away from costly mistakes.
If you do not believe in prayer, you better start trying because it does work.

2.     Prioritize your goals:

Believe me, if you want to achieve a first-class degree, you can’t be everywhere doing everything.
Prioritizing your goals will simplify your journey to a first-class degree.

3.     Reduce social activities:

I see so many people coming to school to study engineering or medicine and end up become ministers or dancers or even comedians.
You would need to know your priority if you want to make a first-class degree in Nigeria. Even the bible said it; there is time for everything.

4.     Observe Note-taking:

This is the area where most people lose their potentials to make a first-class degree. Most lecturers in Nigerian universities set questions beyond what they teach.
Note-taking allows you to have a permanent record of your lecturers. It simplifies your reading allowing you to study only things that are relevant to your exams.

5.     Study smart:

One of the mistakes students make is reading out of point. This is quite frustrating. They may read very hard but they will end up failing because they read out of point.
If you want to make a first-class degree, read smart and not hard. Read your notes. Read according to your course outline. Do not read 42 giants' text-books for one course. You will end up confusing yourself.

6.     Use past questions:

Use past questions as a guide only. Do not over-rely on past questions 

7.     Study your Progress:

Observe and understand which method works very well in your department. Understand your lecturer in terms of his or her answer requirements. Do he or she wants a brief or detailed answer to the question.
How can I improve on my past result? Keep on observing and soon, you will discover the secret to graduate as a first-class graduate.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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