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How to Score above 300 in JAMB (JAMB secret!)

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Do you know that we sacrifice a significant portion of our lives in pursuit of our career dreams? We all have dreams. You might wish to become a physicist, engineer, or lecturer.

How to Pass JAMB Excellently in One Sitting

You might not realize how much sacrifices are been made to actualize that dream of yours. You are sacrificing. Your parents or sponsors are also sacrificing a lot to ensure that your career dream is brought to life.

Money, time, and effort are all sacrificed. Now, it is not over. There is another challenge that awaits you and that is JAMB.

There is no admission into the tertiary institution without a good result in JAMB. It is so unfortunate that so many students are now failing JAMB.

Some students have been writing JAMB for the past 2 years. Some even more. This is not because they are not destined to pass JAMB or because they are not intelligent, it is however because they do not follow simple principles.

Yes, principle, there are principles if you wish to pass JAMB excellently in one sitting. Some principles would help you to score above 300 in JAMB.

Luckily, these principles are not so hard.

Why do some Students fail JAMB?

how to score 300 and above in JAMB

I have observed some strange occurrence concerning JAMB and I would love to share that with you.

I have noticed how brilliant students fail JAMB. The first time I observed this, I was in shock. These students were reading their books but they still failed JAMB.

I have observed how average students pass their JAMB excellently in one sitting. These students were not so brilliant but they passed their JAMB anyways in one sitting.

What might have gone wrong? The answer to that question is so simple. It is the negligence of simple principles.

If you obey follow certain principles diligently, I can guarantee you that you would pass JAMB excellently in just one sitting.

How to pass JAMB excellently in one Sitting (How to score above 300 in JAMB)

how to pass JAMB in one sitting

Below, I won’t just be telling you how to pass JAMB in one sitting; I am also interested in helping you score above 300 in your JAMB.
I will be listing out each of these principles below. Do well to understand each of these principles diligently; it will help you a lot.
1.     Know your subject combination
2.     Study early
3.     Study your past questions
4.     Practice your past questions regularly
5.     Understand the examiner
6.     Study your textbooks according to your past questions
7.     Read your novel diligently
8.     Familiarize yourself with your computer
9.     Time yourself as you practice
10.   Study with your friends and have fun
11.   Make God your friend
Each of these principles is explained in detail. These principles would help you to pass JAMB once in one sitting with a score above 300.

1.     Know your Subject combination:

Knowing the subject requirements for the course you which to study is the initial step you should take.
If you are confused about this, JAMB provides guidance on this. You can check out the JAMB brochure to know your subject combination.

2.     Study Early:

Don’t wait until the day of JAMB to begin to study. You need to start planning early if you want to pass JAMB excellently and in one sitting.

3.     Study your Past Questions:

Normally, I would have said study your textbooks or notebooks, but I didn’t say that. Although this is not the first point I am drawing your attention to, it is surely important.

Studying your past questions is the first and probably the most important principles of scoring above 300 in your JAMB.

Why is the study of past questions so important? Normally, JAMB consists of questions prepared by professional examiners. You may never know what questions may hit you.

You may choose to read the whole of your textbook, which will only lead to confusion and probably failure.

Your past questions should become your guide or your lamp. Study it diligently. If you study it diligently you will notice this similarity in the questions of several years. In other words, there is normally a flow which indicates a standard rule the examiners of JAMB use to prepare the questions.

So, begin to study your past questions if you wish to score above 300 in your JAMB.

4.     Practice your Past Questions Regularly:

Next, you would need to make your past questions become part of you. You will need to practice and practice it until you finally become perfect.
If you can practice each and every day, please do, it will help a great deal.

5.     Understanding the Examiner:

How would you understand an examiner that you haven’t met before? Could it be magic? No!

Through a constant study of your past questions, you can establish what JAMB examiners need students to learn.

Through a regular study of your past questions, you will find out that some topics are given priority. In other words, questions prepared in JAMB are usually from certain topics and the numbers of these topics are not so many.

Penning down these topics would do you a lot of good. It is the secret to knowing your examiner and scoring above 300 in your JAMB.

6.     Study your Textbooks According to your Past Questions:

Remember, I told you that there are several topics are given preference to. An unremitting study of your past questions would help you know these topics.
You would need to go the extra miles in understanding these topics deeply.
Your textbooks and notebooks are great information resources for this task. These topics are few and would give you a focus when reading.
You should note that for some topics, the examiner usually goes in-depth in preparing the questions while for some; the examiner is usually shallow when preparing the question.
This is a big clue. It is an indication that the examiner needs you to know some topics more profoundly than others.
This is necessary to simplify your study while making it very effective. With this idea, you are on your way to scoring above 300 in your JAMB.

7.     Read your novella diligently:

Every single year, JAMB releases a novella for students to read. As a result, questions would be prepared to judge your understanding of the novella. Most students end up losing good marks because of their lackadaisical attitude towards reading this novella.

If you truly need to score above 300 in your JAMB, you should read this novella with diligence.

8.     Familiarize yourself with the use of a computer:

JAMB is a computer-based test which means you would be using a computer to answer your questions.
Familiarizing yourself with the use of a computer is therefore very important if you wish to pass JAMB excellently.

9.     Time yourself as you practice:

JAMB is not only a test of your understanding or intelligence; it is also a test of your speed.

You will need to work on speed if you wish to pass JAMB excellently in one sitting.

I would advise you to practice at first without setting a time boundary. As time progresses, you will need to test your speed. Do not allow this to be often, as it may make you lose focus on what really matters.

Thrive for a better understanding of each of the topics that questions are likely to be prepared from but create time to work on your speed.

10.    Study with your friends and have Fun:

This is an interesting and an effective way to enjoy your reading. Studying with your friends is an interesting way to gain more knowledge subsequently increasing your chances of passing JAMB excellently.

Studying with your friends for JAMB has a lot of advantages attached to it. An important advantage is that you may pick up a new idea from your friends that would be relevant in passing your JAMB excellently.

11.  Make God your friend:

God is a spiritual factor on this list. It is important to involve God if you wish to pass your JAMB excellently in one sitting.

This is because there are so many unfavorable factors that one may not be able to control. For instance, I have seen someone whose JAMB result was canceled because the center failed to meet JAMB’s requirements. Although he made up to 280 in his JAMB the result was canceled which made his effort useless.

Some JAMB centers have naughty computer systems. This has led to the failure of many.

In most of these cases, there is nothing one could do except God shows mercy.

This, of course, is not a religious blog but I must advise you to make God your friend if you need to score excellently in JAMB.


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