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National Universities Commission (NUC) Salary Structure (Is it worth it?)

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Are you interested to know the National Universities Commission (NUC) salary structure in Nigeria? Well, if you are, then you are in the right place.
This post has been purposed to present you with just how much, members within the NUC body would earn in Nigeria.
Before we proceed, it is important you know a thing or two about the National Universities Commission (NUC).
National Universities Commission (NUC) Salary Structure

About the National Universities Commission (NUC)

The National Universities Commission or by its acronym, NUC was initiated in the year, 1962 as an advisory agency in the Cabinet office. The National Universities Commission (NUC) is supported by the government for the purpose of promoting higher education quality in Nigeria.
NUC became a statutory body in the year, 1974 and its first Executive Secretary was Prof. Jibril Aminu. It is a government-owned corporation and therefore a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Education.
Since its inception until now, the National Universities Commission has continued to expand or develop from a small office in the cabinet office to an important arm of the government in the area of developing and management of university education in Nigeria.

Core Objectives of the National Universities Commission

As stated in the National Universities Commission (NUC) website, the following below are the core functions of the National Universities Commission;
1.     Granting approval for all academic programmes run in Nigerian universities
2.     Granting approval for the establishment for all higher educational institutions offering degree programmes in Nigerian universities
3.     Ensure quality assurance of all academic programmes offered in Nigerian universities and
4.     Channel for all external support to the Nigerian universities.

National Universities Commission (NUC) Salary Structure

The National Universities Commission (NUC) as stated above is a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Education; this entails that NUC is an important part of the Federal Ministry of Education and therefore a government-owned corporation.
As a result, the salary of its staff will be in accordance with the Federal Civil Service Commission's salary structure. This , therefore, means that the highest earned staff of NUC should be able to receive as much as N400, 000 per month and N4, 800, 000 per annum.

Note: The salary provided above is only an estimate and is only for a guide. They can therefore be subject to change

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