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Professor Salary in Nigeria (Shocking!)

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Are you interested to know how much a professor makes in Nigeria? Well, if you are, you are in the right place. This article aims to reveal to you, professors’ salary in Nigeria.
Before we proceed into how much a professor earn in Nigeria, it is important to know who is a professor and what they do.

professor salary in Nigeria

Who is a Professor?

A professor is an expert that has attained the most senior rank or position in a higher education establishment or any tertiary institution.
Professors are therefore the most senior ranked members of any tertiary institution in Nigeria like polytechnics and universities.
They, therefore, hold the right to teach and guide both undergraduate and graduate students of the higher education institution to which they offer their service.

Tasks or Duties of a Professor

1.     Lecturing, guiding and instructing both undergraduate and graduate students

2.     Assessing the performance of both undergraduates and graduate students
3.     Conducting researches
4.     Supervising researches conducted by undergraduates and graduates’ students
5.     Building a course curriculum
6.     Get involved in administrative roles
7.     Staying up-to-date to the trends in their field of study
8.     Producing publications related to their field of study. 

Nigerian Professors Salary in Nigeria

Professors are authorities in their field. They are expected to have a profound knowledge of what they specialize in. All higher education establishments or tertiary institution in Nigeria would expect a professor to add value and more expertise to programs in relation to their field. 

Since professors are the most senior ranked members of any higher education institution, they are expected to earn higher than all other lecturers or members in the higher education institution they serve.
A professor salary in Nigeria is usually between N4, 800, 000 to N7, 200, 000 per annum. This, therefore, implies that a professor would earn between N400, 000 to N600, 000 per month.
Professors in Nigeria can earn far more than pay when they handle administrative duties like the position of vice-chancellor, deputy vice-chancellor, dean, and other interesting administrative positions.

Do you have what it takes to become a Professor in Nigeria?

Are you interested in becoming a professor in Nigeria? If you are, the below skills or attitude is crucial to your success in becoming a professor in Nigeria.

1.     Must be Academically Sound:

Professors are brains in what they do. They are there to add value to any specialized field of study. In order to become a professor in Nigeria, you must be very intelligent.

2.     Patience:

In order to become a professor in Nigeria, you must possess the quality of being patient. This is because attaining the position of a professor in Nigeria requires a lot of years. Moreover, you would be faced with a lot of complicated academic tasks that require a lot of patience.

3.     Passion for Teaching:

This is one of the core assignments of professors. They teach, instruct, and guide. To become a professor in Nigeria, you must be a good teacher.
Other relevant qualities to succeed as a professor in Nigeria involve;
·                           ·        Research skill

·        Communication skill
·        Writing skill. 

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Note: The salary provided above is only an estimate and is only for a guide. They can therefore be subject to change

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