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Community Health Worker Salary in Nigeria (THE REAL TRUTH)

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This article is dedicated to exposing the community health workers’ salaries in Nigeria.
Before we proceed into that, it is important to be aware of who a public health worker or community health worker is and what he or she can do.

Who is a Community Health Worker?

Community health workers, as the name implies are public health workers who offer healthcare service to a community they have an understanding of.
A community health worker can also be said to be a member of the community which has been appointed by the community or an organization to provide fundamental healthcare services.
In order to have more knowledge of the job of a community health worker, we provide you with some of the tasks or duties of community health workers.

Tasks or Duties of a Community Health Worker

A community health worker would typically perform the following tasks or responsibilities;
·        Provide basic health and medical care to the community they serve
·        They help members of the community improve their access to basic health care services
·        Educate members of the community on health-related issues such as nutrition, hygiene, exercise, infant and childcare, family planning, first aid, prevention of common infectious diseases, common illness, drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and lots more.
·        Enlighten community members on proper reaction to health-related matters
·        Educate members of the community on how to make the best use of health and social system services
·        Distribution of medical supplies and services to the household suffering from illness or diseases like malaria among others
·        Educate community members on best practices for handling malnutrition
·        Improving the relevancy of healthcare and social services within the community
·        Providing informal counseling on health related matters to any member of the community
·        Conducting outreach to homes where there are those that are sick or at risk with health challenges.
The principal or core duty of a community health worker is to meet the basic health needs of members within the community while observing best practices.

Community Health Worker Salary in Nigeria

After all, this is why this article was written; to make you knowledgeable about ‘community health worker salary in Nigeria’.
Community health workers salaries in Nigeria range between N30, 000 to N70, 000 per month. This means per annum, community health workers’ salaries would be between N360, 000 to N840, 000.

Do you have what it takes to become a Community Health Worker in Nigeria?

To be able to be a successful community health worker, you would need to possess the following important qualities. These qualities play a significant factor in determining how well you succeed as a community health worker in Nigeria.
1.     You must be caring
2.     Passionate about helping people
3.     Good manners
4.     Ability to invite people to care for their health.
5.     Excellent communication skill
6.     Must be sensitive to people’s need
7.     Demonstrate a high level of knowledge in the field of health science
8.     Must be science-oriented.

Note: The salaries provided above are only estimates and are only for a guide. They can therefore be subject to change

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