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Scientific Officer Salary in Nigeria (Interesting!)

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Do you wish to become a scientific officer someday or are you interested in knowing a scientific officer salary in Nigeria? For whatever reason, this article will be of relevance to you.
We aim to give you an overview of scientific officer salary in Nigeria or how much a scientific officer would earn in Nigeria. Before any information on scientific officer's salaries in Nigeria can be revealed to you; it is of relevance you know who scientific officers are and what they do.
Scientific Officer Salary in Nigeria

Who is a Scientific Officer?

A scientific officer, also known as a natural science manager is a qualified and experienced scientific researcher who heads research and development within a certain field.
A scientific officer performs managerial duties in a company that is involved or engages in research activities or makes scientific products.

Tasks or Duties of a Scientific Officer

A scientific officer would typically perform the following responsibilities or tasks depending on the establishment they offer their services to;
1.     Making research proposals to the organization’s head.
2.     Conduct intensive research from time to time according to the organization’s objectives.
3.     Planning and overseeing of research projects
4.     Application of expertise to research and development
5.     Ensure the efficiency of each research that is conducted.
6.     Report research results to the top organizational heads or executives.
7.     Performs managerial roles such as leading teams, developing policies, budgeting, etc. for the furtherance of research activities within their division or department.
8.     Hire personnel and train them.

Scientific Officer Salary in Nigeria

After having an idea of some of the core duties of scientific officers, you are now ready to have an insight into “scientific officer salary in Nigeria”.
It is important to note that there are key factors that determine how much a scientific officer would earn in Nigeria.

1.     Size of establishment

If you noticed, I didn’t mention educational qualification or years of experience which are strong factors that determines one’s salary in an organizational setting. These factors were not mentioned because scientific officers ought to have the required experiences and educational qualification for them to hold such a huge managerial position. In other words, they must be an expert before they are appointed by the organization to lead its research team.
Let’s see how a place of employment can influence scientific officers’ salaries in Nigeria.

·        Size of Establishment:

The sizes of establishments play a significant role in influencing the size of the salary of scientific officers in Nigeria.
Scientific officers in Nigeria can gain employment in various companies as long as they have a research department. Many companies now, see the relevancy in research to the promotion of the development of their services or products.
Scientific officers’ jobs in Nigeria are usually available in industries related to microbiology, pharmacy, medicine, agriculture, etc. Many scientific officers in Nigeria would likely work for the government.
The size of the establishment would normally determine how much you earn.

Average Scientific Officer Salary in Nigeria

The average salary of scientific officers in Nigeria would likely be around N400, 000.

 Note: The salary provided above is only an estimate and is only for a guide. They can therefore be subject to change

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