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Crucial Survival Tips for your first year in any Nigerian university

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 In this article, I would reveal to you all you need to know to survive your first year in any Nigerian university.

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survival tips for freshers in Nigerian Universities

It would be appropriate that you read this post to the end. This is necessary to avoid making terrible mistakes that can make one regret his or her coming to the university. Also, I am speaking from my own little experiences. 

Your first year in any Nigerian university is like the foundation you lay in university. This foundation is very significant because it determines to some large extent your success at the end of your schooling.

Your first year would determine whether you would come out with a first-class, second class, third class degree, or not even graduate at all. It also determines the level of knowledge and experiences you gain at the end of your university. Your first year in the university would also determine the kind of graduate you would be. In other words, your first year in the university determines a lot and it is, therefore, crucial to take conscious action in living your first-year in any Nigerian university.

My motivation in writing this article is the fact that so many people have abused the privilege they have to gain admission into the university in their first year. This usually makes them get lost; so very hard to retrace their steps and regain what they had lost.

Who is a Fresher?

A fresher in any Nigerian university is one who just gained admission to the university. So, anyone in his or her first year can be considered a fresher or a new student.

This, therefore, means that a fresher has very little experiences about the university and would likely make terrible mistakes if care is not taken.

Now see below some of the mistakes and survival tips on how to survive your first year as a fresher in any Nigerian university.

1.     Stay very alert:

As a fresher in any Nigerian university, you would be required to do a lot of clearance and more. This will usually involve you running here and there. A costly mistake that you can make is ignoring these clearances or procrastinating it. This has cost so many students a lot of stress and can play harmful roles in affecting your academic performance.

So, in other to minimize the pressure that comes with these clearances, be sure to respond to them on time.

2.     Make your course rep your friend:

In every Nigerian university, it is a norm to appoint a course representative that would act as a link between the lecturers and the students.

You would need to be close to your course rep to be current at all times. Trust me, this would save you a lot of trouble.

3.     Stay away from Cultism:

Cultism is a big NO if you wish to enjoy your days at the university. Cultism in any Nigerian university is not a play at all. It would cost you your academics and worst of all, your life.

4.     Living for the moment:

A lot of freshers live for the moment. To be sincere, I knew many of them when I was a fresher also. Living for the moment simply means forgetting the reason why you are in university and pursuing the pleasures that comes with schooling.

Trust me; there are enough distractions to make you get lost in any Nigerian universities; that would take us to the next point.

5.     University is not about dating:

A lot of people see their soul mate on campus. Well, that’s beautiful when that happens. However, making it a top priority to date in your first year is somewhat wrong! Back then, so many of my course mates made these mistakes in their first year. They would usually jump from departments to departments in search of a girlfriend. That is a total distraction and a waste of time! It is living for the moment. Trust me, that character costs them a lot in relation to their academic performances. Many of them were unable to keep their focus because they lost vision or focus.

6.     Choose your friends carefully:

Do not be in a haste to choose a friend. It is really nice to have someone to call a friend but it is also dangerous to have a friend without a vision in the university. Friends are very strong influencing factors. The kind of friend you have in the university would either ruin or build you.

7.     Choose your Roommate Wisely:

If you stay in the hostel, you can’t really choose your roommates yourself; that’s understandable. However, staying in a hostel is not entirely too nice. If you have your way, it will be preferable to rent a room. If you are renting a room and you need a roommate to add up the finance to pay for the room, then make your choice carefully. Having a really bad roommate in your first year is one of the worst mistakes you can ever make.

8.     Minimize all forms of social activity:

There are so many social activities you can engage in, in the university. Some are not entirely bad while others are. However, it is important that you minimize the time you spend pursuing social activities in your first year of schooling.

9.     Have a target:

Primarily, your target in university is to make good grades while gaining a sufficient level of knowledge that would make you an asset in the labor market. You should never forget that primary goal, as long as you are still schooling in the university.

Forgetting the main reason why you are in university is one of the worst mistakes a fresher can ever make.

10. Pursue that target:

Pursue the goal of making good grades diligently. Do not allow anything to attract you. I made a 4.47 CGPA on a 5.0 scale in my first year. In my second year, I made up to 4.69 and my CGPA kept going up. This is possible when you do not allow distractions to take away your focus from what truly matters.

11.  Do not avoid classes:

Your first classes at the university will determine if you would achieve first class. When I was in school, all those students who were missing classes in their first year continued missing classes even to their final year. This cost them a lot in terms of their academic performances.

12. Avoid coming late to class:

Coming to class late is one of the biggest mistakes a fresher can make in any Nigerian university. Coming to class late is similar to not coming to class at all.

13. Not making notes during lectures:

One of the biggest secrets of making good grades in any Nigerian university is having good notes. Without good notes, you will struggle academically even if you have all the textbooks in the world.

14.   Sitting at the back in the class:

Sitting at the back of the class always is another mistake you can make as a fresher. Sitting at the back during lectures is not entirely wrong although, you are prone to become an unserious listener at this period. If you want to survive in any Nigerian university, strive to sit at the front row during lectures.

15.   Attend Academic Seminars:

Academic seminars are worth it. It can help you to boost your determination towards pursuing your academic dreams. You can learn something new during these seminars.

Any thoughts on this, let me know in the comment section below.



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