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50 Deadly Mistakes that Nigerian Undergraduates must Avoid

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Life as a Nigerian undergraduate can be very interesting and challenging. It is a period that is filled with a lot of experiences; the thrilling and the disgraceful ones. It is a period to either build one’s value or to diminish it.

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Deadly Mistakes that Nigerian Undergraduates must make
It is however unfortunate that many undergraduates in Nigerian universities make very bad decisions which of course, lead to bad consequences.

This article is therefore written to help you escape mistakes that can affect you as an undergraduate in any Nigerian university. Some of these mistakes are very easy to commit but have every terrible consequence; others are mild and have little or no consequences. Some of these mistakes have cost some Nigerian undergraduates something valuable like their academics or even their lives.

Many Nigerian undergraduates have been expelled over the years due to mistakes. Many Nigerian undergraduates have lost their lives because of mistakes. Many Nigerian graduates are unemployable because of the mistakes that they made while running their undergraduate program.

This article is inspired by the experiences of past Nigerian undergraduates. It is relevant to take notice of each of them in order to avoid them.

The 50 Deadly Mistakes Nigerian Undergraduates Should Avoid

Deadly Mistakes that Nigerian Undergraduates must Avoid

1.     Having the mentality that university is a scam

2.     Relying totally on your certificate to secure employment after your schooling

3.     Not gaining an additional skill

4.     Not striving to gain considerable knowledge from your field of study

5.     Not setting any goal at all

6.     Not having plans after graduation

7.     Not reading other books outside your field once in a while

8.     Not grabbing opportunities like scholarship etc.

9.     Not attending entrepreneurial programs

10.  Not having a strong belief on how you which to live your life in the university

11.  Paying fees late

12.   Not diligently securing your school document

13.   Procrastinating school demands like clearance, submission of certain documents, etc.

14.  Not being close to your course rep

15.  Not utilizing the power of social media to receive Immediate information concerning your departmental activities      

17.   Not attending classes

18.   Not having complete materials for a course on time

19.   Not reading early enough

20.   Coming late for classes

21.   Not having good notes

22.   Sitting at the back row during lectures often

23.   Discussing while a lecture is going on

24.   Not asking questions in class

25.   Procrastinating your assignments

26.   Finding your project topic at a late period

27.   Procrastinating your project work

28.   Relying on your fellow course mates during tests or exams

29.   Engaging in examination malpractice

30.   Procrastinating carry over courses

31.   Being easily influenced by peer pressure

32.    Choosing bad friends

33.    Not associating with people

34.     Creating more enemies than friends

35.     Not choosing your roommate wisely

36.    Overly depending on friends in terms of your academics

37.   Joining a cult group

38.    Having cultist as close friends

39.    Having friends who are into illegal dealing as close friends

40.    Engaging in illegal dealing in school

41.   Allowing dating to mess with your primary concern of coming to the university

42.  Allowing church-related activities mess with the primary reason why you are in university

43.   Allowing social activities mess with the primary reason why you are in the university

44.   Going to night parties often

45.   Going for night class so late at night

46.   Coming back from night class so early (this almost killed me!)

47.    Sleeping around

48.    Spending your money lavishly

49.    Not having financial goals or plans

50.      Not saving.


University is an exciting place to be in. It is a place to learn, get educated, and build our value. Most of the mistakes listed above are capable of ridiculing the principal reason why you are in the university or make your undergraduate program more difficult.




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