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Fosad Consulting Salary (Is it worth it?)

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 Are you interested in working at Fosad Consulting LLC or are you just interested in knowing Fosad Consulting's salary structure? Either way, this article “Fosad Consulting salary” would be of relevance to you.

We wish to provide you with an outline of Fosad Consulting salary. Just keep reading to find out.

Firstly, it is appropriate that you have a glimpse of what Fosad Consulting is all about. 

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About Fosad Consulting

Fosad Consulting LLC is a privately owned firm that was established in the year, 1999.

It is a professional services firm that is incorporated to provide professional consulting services to clients with a vision to improve or enrich their businesses.

Fosad Consulting LLC offers a range of consulting services but it is mostly known to be an HR and Engineering consulting firm. Fosad consulting firms since its establishment has continued to thrive. The big professional services firm has been able to influence the following industry; healthcare, telecommunications, transport, hospitality, financial services, oil and gas, financial services, retail, and hospitality.

More details about Fosad Consulting LLC

Are you looking for more details about Fosad Consulting LLC? If you are, the below information would be of relevance to you;

Official Website:



2800 Post-Oak Blvd #4100

HOUSTON, Texas 77056, US.



Block A, Plot 23 Kusenla Road,

Ikate Elegushi, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos


Fosad Consulting Salary

If you are currently reading this heading, I believe that you already know a thing or more about Fosad Consulting LLC. It is now time to have a free view of Fosad Consulting's salary.

It is relevant to take consciousness of the distinction of payment of different workers of Fosad Consulting LLC.

On average, workers at Fosad Consulting LLC would earn around N150, 000 per month which amount to N1, 800, 000 per annum. This implies that some of Fosad Consulting LLC workers would earn more than this while some would earn less. Junior or entry staff working at Fosad Consulting LLC would earn around N50, 000 per month which can amount up to N600, 000 per annum. Top staffs working at Fosad Consulting LLC can earn around N200, 000 per month which is about N2, 400, 000 per annum.

Note: The salaries provided above are only estimates and are only for a guide. They can therefore be subject to change





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