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Guinness Nigeria Salary Structure (Is it worth it?)

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 Are you interested in working at Guinness Nigeria or are you just interested in knowing Guinness Nigeria's salary structure? Either way, this article “Guinness Nigeria salary structure” would be of relevance to you.

We wish to provide you with an overview of the Guinness Nigeria salary structure. Just keep reading to find out.

Firstly, it is appropriate that you have an idea of what Guinness Nigeria is all about. 

About Guinness Nigeria

Guinness Nigeria has existed a very long time ago and therefore, has a long record in operation. Guinness Nigeria has existed for almost two centuries.

Guinness Nigeria is a subordinate of Diageo Plc which existed in the United Kingdom. Guinness Nigeria is the first Guinness operation outside the British Isles.

Guinness Nigeria emerged on the 29th of April 1950 and has continued to thrive ever since.

The reputable company majorly deals with alcoholic beverages.

Guinness Nigeria sells a range of products which includes foreign stout, harp lager beer, Guinness extra smooth, Harp lime, dubic extra lager, SNAPP, orijin, Smirnoff ice, and Gordon’s spark

As of 2011, Guinness Nigeria’s revenue reached over N123 billion.

The enviable reputation of Guinness Nigeria has made so many graduates run after it for jobs.

More details about Guinness Nigeria.

Are you looking for more details about Guinness Nigeria? If you are, the below information would be of relevance to you;

Guinness Nigeria Official Website:

Guinness Nigeria Address:

24 Oba Akran Avenue,

Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.


Guinness Nigeria Salary

If you are currently reading this heading, I believe that you already know a thing or more about Guinness Nigeria. It is now time to have a free view of Guinness Nigeria's salary.

It is of great relevance that you take recognition of the inequality of payment of different workers of Guinness Nigeria.

On average, workers at Guinness Nigeria can earn around N150, 000 per month which amount to N1, 800, 000 per annum. This implies that some of Guinness Nigeria workers would earn more than this while some would earn less. Junior or entry staff working at Guinness Nigeria would earn around N80, 000 per month which can amount up to N960, 000 per annum. Top staffs working at Guinness Nigeria can earn around N350, 000 per month which is about N4, 200, 000 per annum.

Do you wish to get employed in Guinness Nigeria? Here’s what you can do?

Do you wish to be employed in Guinness Nigeria as a worker? Do you think you have what it takes to add value to Guinness Nigeria? If yes is your answer, you are in luck.

Simply visit the link and stay guided by whatever information is provided on Guinness Nigeria:

Note: The salaries provided above are only estimates and are only for a guide. They can therefore be subject to change





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