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Opportunities for First Class Graduates in Nigeria

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Wow! Are you a first-class graduate in Nigeria? If you are, you must be very brilliant and smart or if you are aiming to become a first-class graduate, you must be very courageous and wise as well.

The journey to a first-class in any Nigerian university is not an easy one. This journey is filled with challenges, strive, determination, stress, and result. Achieving a first-class requires a great amount of effort and time. A first-class will reflect one's stubborn inability to accept failure, brainy, determined nature, and so on.

In other words, achieving a first-class in any Nigerian university is not an easy task.

Some undergraduates have dreamt of it and still could not achieve it. Some had to change or readjust their dreams of making a first-class since they are far from their dreams.

Okay, let’s proceed

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Opportunities for First Class Graduates in Nigeria

What is a First Class?

To make a first-class means to achieve a 4.5 and above on a 5.0 scale or 6.0/7.0 CGPA depending on the grading system of your university.

Attaining a first-class is an indication that you are an A student. It also means that you possess a great deal of knowledge in your field.

All universities in Nigeria make use of grading systems to produce first class, second class upper, second lower, third class, and other grades. This will help measure how well a student has committed his or her time to study which eventually, makes it easy for employees to ascertain the strength of each graduate which hopes to gain employment is their establishment.

Opportunities for First Class Graduates in Nigeria. 

Opportunities for First Class Graduates in Nigeria

One of my sources of motivation that comes with writing this article is the thrilling experience that people who have had first class had encountered. Some of them were friends of mine, others were true life story I read over the years.

My family used to have a friend that graduated with a first-class in the department of petrochemical engineering. He told us as soon as he graduated, that he got a job as a supervisor in an oil and gas firm and was offered a salary of over N700, 000 per month. This is really impressive for a fresh graduate. It was his first-class degree that was talking.

There are lots of opportunities that come with being a first-class graduate in any Nigerian university regardless of the course you read. To help you get the message easily, I would give you a breakdown of some of the wonderful opportunities or benefits that come with having a first-class in any Nigerian university.

1.     Scholarship Award:

Scholarship awards are one of the benefits that come with being a first-class graduate in Nigeria.

There are lots of scholarships out there that graduates can apply for. Some which include; PTDF Postgraduate Scholarship, Commonwealth scholarship, Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) Scholarship, Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships, Masters Scholarship by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the list goes on and on.

The numbers of applicants applying for this scholarship are usually large, most times, are far higher than the number of applicants needed. Most scholarship awarding bodies would simply award those with a first-class before thinking of others.

Moreover, there are some scholarships which do not accept any graduates other than a first-class graduate.

2.     Privilege of Skipping Master and Straight to PhD.:

There are some universities that allow graduates to skip their masters and go straight to their Ph.D. Most times, it is easier for a first-class graduate to earn this privilege because of their impressive grades which makes their application much appealing.

However, while skipping master and straight to doing a Ph.D. has some advantages, it is not always advisable.

3.     Getting a Job becomes more Easier:

Though, Nigeria is faced with serious unemployment problems, however, getting a job is easier with a first-class. In other words, it is easier for a first-class graduate to get a job than for a second class upper graduate and so on.

Some universities in Nigeria will immediately award their first class graduate with automatic employment to become assistant lecturers in their field.

There are so many companies in Nigeria that consider applicants with a first-class before all other graduates.

There are loads of opportunities not provided in this article that comes with graduating with a first-class at any Nigerian university. There are bodies such as the church that reward first-class graduates with monetary benefits.

Becoming a first-class graduate in any Nigerian university is, therefore worth the effort.

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