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University Life in Nigeria: All you need to know to survive

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University life in Nigeria can be very interesting but at the same time can be stressful. It could be filled with joy or sorrow.  In this article, I would give you a free view of how university life in Nigeria looks like and what you can do to survive.

University Life in Nigeria: All you need to know to survive

University is a great place to be. I can remember the first moments of my life at the University of Port-Harcourt. It was stressful yet amazing. There were lots of views that thrill the eyes. It was like I was in another world completely. I remembered the struggle or challenges I had to pass through to get some things done.

All through my years at the University of Port-Harcourt, I have learned a lot. Every day I was taught a lesson. I learned from my experiences and also the experiences of others.

It is important that you know that all students would make a concluding statement at the end of their schooling at the university. Such a conclusion may be filled with regrets or joy.

It is relevant that you know that your journey in any Nigerian university is quite different from that of your secondary school. There are so many reasons why I consider these two journeys differently. However, a remarkable difference between your secondary school and your university is that the latter plays a very remarkable and more direct role in determining how valuable you would be in the labor market.

The time you spend in the university represents a time to build yourself in relation to your career, skill, and qualification.

How you live your life during your university days, therefore, matters a lot.

The purpose of this article is to help you see my mistakes, the mistakes of others, and avoid them. This article is also purposed to help you live a life worth it in the university.

How to Survive in any Nigerian University

Consider the following if you wish to survive in any university in Nigeria.

I have divided these tips into three sections to simplify your reading.

1.     Academic survival tips

2.     Social survival tips

3. Money survival tips

Academic Survival Tips

University Life in Nigeria: All you need to know to survive

1.     Set the right goal for yourself

2.     Stick with those goals

3.     Stay alert to school-related requirements

4.     Be close to your course rep

5.     Be close to an intelligent student

6.     Go to classes

7.     Be early for classes always

8.     Don’t sit at the back during lectures

9.     Take good notes during lectures (Note: Try to be a fast writer)

10.  Always have complete materials on time

11.    Study right

12.   Avoid examination malpractice

13.  Night class is not compulsory

14.   Don’t procrastinate your reading

15.   Don’t procrastinate your assignments

16.  Begin your search for Industrial Training placement on time

17.   Get your project topic on time

18.   Begin your project on time

Social Survival Tips

University Life in Nigeria: All you need to know to survive

1.     Avoid conformity

2.     Get social

3.     Minimize your social engagements (Your association with people should be on the minimum)

4.     Grab opportunities

5.     Have friends

6.      Avoid bad friends

7.      Go to Church

8.     Minimize church-related activities

9.     Choose your roommate carefully

10.   Learn something new outside your field

11.  Pursue the love of your life.

12.  Attend entrepreneurship programs

13.  Attend academic programs

14. Avoid cultism.

Money Survival Tips

University Life in Nigeria: All you need to know to survive

1.     Do not Spend your Money Lavishly

2.     Save your Money

Let me explain each of these tips. Be sure to read each of them. You might never know which tips would save you.

Academic Survival Tips:

1.     Set the right goal for yourself:

The primary reason why you should come to the university is to be educated. Other important goals you should set for yourself are having excellent grades well, becoming an advantage, etc.

2.     Stick with those goals:

You shouldn’t allow anything to discourage you from your dreams. Being determined to stick with your dreams will make your university days, worth it.

3.     Stay alert to school-related essentials:

Stay alert to the various essentials of your university from time to time. Such essentials include clearance, medicals, etc. Delaying these processes can make schooling much stressful than ever

4.     Be close to your course rep:

Your course representative is the link between students and the lecturer, as well as the school administration. Being close to your course rep will do you a lot of good.

5.     Be close to an intelligent student:

No one knows it all, and no student is an island of knowledge. Even intelligent students need the help of other intelligent students. Being close to an intelligent student would help you a lot in relation to your academics

6.     Go to classes regularly:

Going to class regularly will save you a lot of issues. This will help you understand the mind of your lecturer which will help you a great deal in passing any exams at the university.

7.     Be early for classes always:

If you keep coming late for classes, you would get lost. What I mean is that you would barely understand what you are taught. Coming late to class can also make you miss out on an important test which had been conducted earlier before your arrival.

8.     Don’t sit at the back during lectures:

It is important that you secure a front-row each and every time during lectures. From my little experience, students at the back seat are usually not serious and make a whole lot of noise. It is easier to be distracted in the back seat.

9.     Take good notes during lectures:

Believe me; a good note jotted during lectures is one of the key materials for excellent grades in your exam. It would save you the stress of buying too many materials to read for an examination.

10.    Always have complete materials on time:

It is important to have complete materials needed for your courses early. Having them late would really cause you a lot of harm.

11.  Study right:

You won’t survive in any Nigerian university without properly studying.

12.  Avoid examination malpractice:

Exam malpractice is cheating and completely WRONG. Those involved in this bad habit are prone to expulsion.

13.  Night class is not compulsory:

It is important to note that night classes are not compulsory. You can pass excellently well without going for night classes.

14. Don’t procrastinate your reading:

I did this a lot when I was in school. Trust me; this caused me a lot of headaches and unnecessary pressure.

15. Don’t Procrastinate your Assignment:

If you are given assignments in the university, do it right away. There are so many advantages to this aside from just avoiding the pressure that comes with being late.

16. Begin your search for Industrial Training placement on time:

Don’t hesitate to secure a placement for your industrial training on time. If it will be possible, begin your search three months before the semester of your industrial training.

17.       Get your project topic on time:

Don’t wait until you reach finals before you go in search for a project topic. Start the search the semester before your finals. This will help you to pick the best topic that suits your capability.

18.      Begin your project on time

Your final year project will consume a lot of time. If not considered on time, would lead you to unnecessary pressure and stress which might affect your academic performances adversely.

Social Survival Tips

1.     Avoid conformity:

Conformity in this context means living up to the standards of others. This, therefore, entails that you can be influenced so easily by any trend or style or anyone easily. Living your life this way in any Nigerian university can get you into a whole lot of mess. Rather, strive for identity on how you wish to live your life in the university. 

2.     Get social:

Make friends; attend social programs and lots more. This is necessary to fill in your experiences in school.

3.     Minimize your social engagements:

In as much as it is of relevance to get socially engaged in the university, it is necessary to always observe the boundary. Do not get socially engaged to the damage of your academic pursuit.

4.     Grab opportunities:

There are so many opportunities you can grab in the university. Scholarship reward is an example. If you see any, it is fun to try your luck. You never can tell which would favor you.

5.     Have friends:

Have lots of friends to converse with. This is a great survival tips that can benefit you greatly not only in the university but also when you graduate.

6.      Avoid bad friends:

It is also necessary to select the kind of friends you move with. There are so many people in the university that can lead you to a big mess. So, be careful about the kind of friends you mingle with.  

7.      Go to Church:

The church is part of life. Never neglect the importance of going to church in the university.     

8.     Minimize church-related activities:

Going to church is good. However, so many students misplace their most important concern of coming to the university because of the church. It is always good to ensure that you do not allow church-related activities to affect your academics negatively.

9.     Choose your roommate carefully:

The kind of roommate you have can make your days in the university a living hell. Be very careful when selecting a roommate.

10.   Learn something new outside your field:

It is important to learn a thing or more while in school even though it is outside your field of study. It is important, as it helps to build your value. The skill you learn today can be of great relevance to you in the future.

11.  Pursue the love of your life:

A lot of people met their soul mate on campus or in the university. Although I was not lucky to meet anyone or date, anyone, during my own days at the university. But I still encourage this.

It is important to pursue the love of your life. It is also necessary to ensure that this does not in any way affect your academics. If you feel it will, then just be friends with that crush.

12.   Attend entrepreneurship programs:

Entrepreneurship programs are programs that will excite you about entrepreneurial practices. The knowledge you get from these programs can be very valuable to you now and in the future.

13.   Attend academic programs:

This can be organized by the church, an organization, or an individual. These programs are organized to help people stay more focused on pursuing their academics. I remember attending a program called “freshers’ night” at the University of Port Harcourt. Up to this day, I can never forget the experiences I had during that program as it was a strong source of motivation for me.

14.      Avoid cultism:

Joining a cult is one of the most destructive steps you can take in any university in Nigeria. It will ruin you. STAY AWAY from cultism!

Money Survival Tips

     1.     Do not Spend your Money Lavishly:

A lot of students are lavish spenders. They spend on girls, clothes, food in an unwise manner. This bad character comes with a lot of bad consequences.

I used to have a friend at the university that had much cash. His parents usually gave him up to N100, 000 per semester. He was a lavish spender. Soon, his parents were retired and could not provide as before. When this happened, he found it very hard to adapt and this affected him badly.

     2.     Save your Money:

When you save your money, you consider the future. It is important to cultivate the habit of saving money from time to time, as it will later pay off in the future.


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