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What to do after graduation in Nigeria? (11 Awesome Steps)

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There is certainly a great joy in graduating from any Nigerian tertiary institution. This feeling of joy is normally accompanied by a sense of fulfillment or achievement. I mean, going into the university and coming out just in one piece is a thing to rejoice about. Moreover, the certificate one acquires from any Nigerian university is indeed a valuable asset that comes with a feeling of satisfaction.

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What to do after graduation in Nigeria?
However, it is not over. It is worth it to question your next journey in life after graduation in Nigeria. There are unfortunate situations where some Nigerian graduates fail to question their next journey in life after they have graduated. For instance, I know of a graduate who chose to sit at home doing nothing while collecting N10, 000 from his father after graduation. He later found out that he has wasted a precious part of his life.

After graduation in Nigeria, the next step is to continue moving up the ladder of life until you feel truly fulfilled.

In this article, I wish to provide you with some of the great ways you can start your life after graduation.

Luckily, there are many awesome ways you can be fulfilled after graduation.

Keep reading to find out.

11 Things to do after Graduation in Nigeria

what to do after graduation in Nigeria

1.     Serve Nigeria:

In Nigeria, it is somewhat compulsory to serve your country after graduation.  It is therefore the most advisable first step to take after graduation in Nigeria.

Without having your NYSC certificate, it would be very hard for you to secure a good job in Nigeria. This is because most jobs would require you to have your NYSC certificate at hand during the time of application.

Also, without your NYSC certificate, you can’t further your education in Nigeria. This is because most Nigerian universities will require you to have your NYSC certificate when applying for any graduate program.

Asides from all this, doing NYSC comes with many opportunities. NYSC allows you to meet new friends to connect to. With the monthly allowance paid during NYSC, you can save a part of it which can be of use to you  in the future. You just may get retained during NYSC.

I would therefore advise you not to means your NYSC for anything to avoid any problems in the future.

2.     Further your education:

This step is optional just like the rest of the below steps. After graduation, you can choose to further your education by acquiring a master’s degree and/or Ph.D.

Furthering your education comes with so many benefits. Furthering your education will pave the way for numerous opportunities in Nigeria. You can get a secure a good job attached with a mouth-watering salary, quickly with the help of a master’s degree or Ph.D. Also, a master’s degree or Ph.D. qualifies you for higher positions in some establishments.

3.     Go for professional certification:

Being professionally certified can be the next big step for you to take as a graduate. There are so many fields in Nigeria that you can be professionally certified. It also helps you to beautify your CV.  Being professionally certified presents you with loads of opportunities.

I have seen a graduate who graduated from the field of agricultural economics but achieved an ICAN certificate. He later gained employment in a construction company as an accountant collecting very good pay.

4.     Start job hunt:

This can be the next big step to take after graduation in Nigeria. Most graduates normally take this step especially when they do not have enough money to further their education or pursue a professional certificate.

You can begin hunting for a job at different establishments related to your field of study. It is wise to not ridicule any means of hunting for a job. So, be sure to use the internet, friends, and many more to your advantage when looking for a job. 

5.     Become an Entrepreneur:

Every Nigerian youth knows that unemployment is an alarming problem in Nigeria. In other words, securing a job in Nigeria is normally a difficult task. Entrepreneurship seems to be the very solution to solving the issue of unemployment in Nigeria. Entrepreneurship is also one of the best steps to take after graduation. It enables you to build your finance.

I however advise you to have a solid knowledge of whatever business you would venture in if you are considering entrepreneurship as the next big step to take after graduation in Nigeria. 

6.     Learn a skill:

So many graduates have survived through the skill they learned. Although it is sad to say that the labor market won’t favor all graduates, it is, however, the truth. Not all graduates will be so lucky to gain employment in an establishment. Learning a skill can make it easier to pursue your business dreams or goals.

There are so many circumstances in Nigeria whereby graduates are not employed by their certification but by the skills they possess.

7.     Join the Force:

Some graduates choose to join the force after graduation. You can either choose to join the police, army, navy force, etc.

As a graduate, you will be qualified for a higher position and salary offer in the force.

8.     Take up an internship:

An internship refers to a period of work experience that an organization offers to students or graduates to help them gain professional experience.

A lot of establishment in Nigeria offers graduates placement to become an intern in their establishment.

There is a likelihood that you may get employed by the establishment you are gaining work experience. Even though that doesn’t happen, the skill you gain from your internship would make you more valuable in the eyes of other employers out there in Nigeria.

The experience you gain during the internship can also equip you with the knowledge you need to become an entrepreneur.

9.     Join politics:

According to the law of Nigeria, everyone has the right to vote and be voted for as far as you are 18+.

Politics in Nigeria is a very lucrative career path to follow. After you graduate, you can choose to build up a career in politics. It is appropriate to note that you can

10.  Travel abroad:

You can plan to travel abroad and start a new life after graduation in Nigeria. I have seen many graduates that plan this step. However, only a few succeed at this because they are more determined.

There are so many great countries that you can travel to and live very well. Some of which include; Canada, the USA, the UK, etc. These countries tend to come with huge opportunities. 

11.    Pursue your talent:

Do you have a talent? Of course, everyone does. You can turn your talent into a money-making machine after graduation in Nigeria.

For instance, singing is a talent that has made some graduates rich in Nigeria. Other talents investing in, in Nigeria include; acting, dancing, photography, playing football, playing musical instruments, writing stories, etc.

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