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Benefits of Having an ICAN Certificate

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In this article, I would be revealing to you some of the amazing benefits that come with having an ICAN Certificate. But before I reveal to you these amazing benefits, it would be proper for you to know what ICAN is all about.

benefits of having an ICAN certificate

About ICAN

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria popularly known for ICAN is a professional accountancy body in Nigeria. This body helps to regulate the practice of accountants in Nigeria. ICAN was established in the year, 1965 with a major purpose to encourage professionalism in accountancy in Nigeria.

This professional body, therefore, aims to produce World-Class Chartered Accountants.

Benefits of Having an ICAN Certificate (Why should you become a Chartered Accountant)

There are so many reasons why you should make an effort in becoming a chartered accountant or having an ICAN certificate.

I would be revealing some of the reasons why you should endure the pain of struggling for an ICAN certificate. Just keep reading.

Why become a chartered accountant in Nigeria

1.     You will boost your chances of landing a good job in Nigeria:

In Nigeria, landing a good job is usually very difficult. This is because the unemployment rate in Nigeria is very high. There are simply not enough jobs for the high number of graduates in Nigeria. Acquiring an ICAN certificate will surely give you an edge over many graduates in Nigeria.

Accountants are needed not only in accountancy firms but in almost every establishment. This, therefore, means as an accountant you can work in the oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, engineering, agricultural, and financial among other firms or establishments in Nigeria.

As a chartered accountant, you will be highly employable. This is because many establishments see chartered accountants as competent professionals in accountancy.

2.     Global Recognition:

With an ICAN certificate, you will not only be recognized as a chartered accountant in Nigeria but also in many other countries of the world. This is because the certificate is internationally recognized. This of course has been one of the missions of the ICAN body; to produce World-Class Chartered Accountants.

ICAN members will therefore easily get a job as an accountant in both developed and developing countries of the World. They do not need to worry about being tied down to Nigeria because their university degree is not recognized globally.

3.     Higher Pay:

An ICAN certificate does not only make you highly employable but also boosts your chances of collecting a higher pay or salary.

Chartered accountants in Nigeria would normally earn higher than other accountants in any establishment. This is because chartered accountants are seen to be more competent than someone who is just a graduate of accounting.

In practice, one is not yet an accountant until you have an ICAN certificate or any other professional accountancy certificate.

4.     Self-Employability:

Having an ICAN certificate empowers you with the required skills for you to successfully start and manage a business successfully.

Chartered accountants are trained rigorously in concepts of economics, marketing, and management information systems all of which are important to run or manage a business competently. Chartered accountants can therefore also be successful entrepreneurs.

5.     ICAN exposes you to diverse career opportunities:

An ICAN certificate exposes you to diverse and exciting career opportunities in Nigeria and in foreign countries. This is because as a chartered accountant, you can work as a financial analyst, tax accountant, accounting manager, bookkeeper, and many more. Some chartered accountants in Nigeria are being given the role of business advisors since they understand how to build and grow a business in an outstanding manner.

There are many more opportunities that come with having an ICAN certificate. If you are bold enough to face the difficult examination that comes with acquiring your ICAN certificate then there is no time to waste.


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