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Diploma vs. Degree: Which is better?

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Diploma vs. Degree: Which is better?

diploma vs degree
Diploma vs. degree: which will be the right choice for you? Making the wrong choice can affect your career adversely while making the right choice can be highly beneficial to your career. 

There are education options you can choose when it comes to your career. You can choose between a diploma vs. degree. Knowing the differences between them would help you a lot in making the right career choice.

Defining Diploma vs. Degree


A diploma is a qualification that shows a student has successfully completed a course of study offered by educational institutions and even by colleges


A degree is a qualification that is awarded to students who have successfully complete a course of study in higher education, usually at a college or university.

Types of Degree

·        Associate

·        Bachelor’s

·        Master’s

·        Doctorate.

Differences between Diploma and Degree: Diploma Vs. Degree. 

diploma vs degree

To know which education option is best for you, you must know the differences between a diploma and a degree. This would help you a lot when choosing between a diploma vs. degree.

1.     Time:

A key difference between a diploma and a degree is the time length of study. A diploma normally takes two to three years to earn. This isn’t a lot of time when compared to earning a degree which usually takes four years to complete.

This, therefore, means that the time length to earn a degree is usually longer than the time to earn a diploma.

2.     Cost:

The cost to complete a degree course is usually more expensive than the cost to complete a diploma course.

3.     Requirements:

The entry requirements into a degree course are usually higher than the entry requirements into a diploma course. To gain entry to study a degree course, you would need a pre-university program such as A-levels, matriculation, foundation, or STPM except you do an American-style degree program. This, however, is not the same for diploma courses; requirements are usually less

4.     Academic Knowledge:

A degree course offers you the opportunity to gain majorly theoretical academic knowledge while a diploma course offers you the opportunity to gain majorly practical knowledge.

5.     Career Prospect:

A degree is more advantageous than a diploma in the job market. A degree course potentially starts you at a higher level of your career when compared to a diploma.

6.     International Recognition:

A degree by an accredited higher institution is more internationally recognized than a diploma. A diploma, on the other hand, is most likely to recognize internationally. This, therefore, makes it easy for degree holders to study or work abroad.

Diploma vs. Degree: Which is better?

degree vs diploma

When choosing between a diploma vs. degree, you must take note of certain factors. This is because while a degree is best for some students, it is a terrible choice for other students.

To help you choose between a diploma vs. degree, you should consider the following point.

1.     Time:

In terms of the time of completion, a diploma is better than a degree. This is because a diploma can be completed in a relatively short period of time.

2.     Cost:

In terms of cost, a diploma is better than a degree. This is because it is generally cheaper than a degree.

3.     Requirements:

You don’t need to worry about a complicated enrollment procedure if you are going for a diploma.

4.     Commitment:

To earn a degree, you need to be highly committed. Earning a diploma requires less commitment than it is in earning a degree.

5.     Higher Salary:

With a degree, you have higher earning potential than those with a diploma

6.     Job Benefits:

Those with a degree have higher job benefits than those with a diploma.

7.     International Recognition:

A degree is internationally recognized. This means that with a degree, you have better opportunities to work or study abroad. A diploma is not internationally recognized. 

8.     Further Studies:

With a degree, you can choose to undergo a master’s or doctorate program which of course, would help to boost your career. This is unlike a diploma. Diploma holders can only further their studies when they acquire a degree program first.

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