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How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria Easily

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Do you wish to get a good job in Canada from Nigeria? If you do, this article would give you an insight on how to go about this.

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How to get a job in Canada

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. It is famous for its gorgeous scenery and uninhabited land. Canada is also recognized as one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

With an attractive economy providing innumerable opportunities and a culturally diversified population, Canada has been very popular for immigrants. Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants. In 2018, Canada was able to welcome over 310, 000 immigrants from different countries of the world.

Although there are many job opportunities in Canada, it is difficult to get a job in Canada from Nigeria. Not understanding how to go about the process of how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria can make you fall into the hands of scammers who will rob you of your money with a promise of helping you to secure a job in Canada.

That is why this article would reveal everything you need to know about getting a job in Canada from Nigeria.

How to Find and Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria?

How to get a job in Canada from Nigeria

There are many resources you can use in finding good job opportunities in Canada from Nigeria. Below, I will reveal to you these resources;

1.     Websites:

There are so many trustworthy websites that allow you to find and get a job in Canada. These websites aim to connect Canadian employers with interested workers around the world. Some of these websites include;






2.     Job Bank:

This resource would provide you with information on the labor market. You can find job positions in the government area, using this tool. With this resource, you can get a job in Canada from Nigeria.

3.     Social Network:

With the help of social media like LinkedIn, Plaxo and Jobster, you can find work opportunities in Canada from Nigeria.

It is important to note that securing a job in Canada from Nigeria is somewhat difficult. Ensuring that you are very skilled and/or qualified and/or experience can help boost your chances of securing a very good employment opportunity in Canada.

Express Entry

The most effective way of getting a job in Canada from Nigeria is through Express Entry. Express entry is a platform that helps job seekers around the world secure a job in Canada. Considerations for jobs in Canada will be processed under the following;

·        Federal Skilled Worker Program

·        Federal Skilled Trades Program

·        Canadian Experience Class

How does Express Entry Works?

·        To get started, visit:

·        Click on register and provide your correct information about your nationality, skills, and proficiency, educational status, work experience, language ability among others.

·        Don’t stop applying for job vacancies

·        Check your inbox from mails from Express Entry.

Express entry is currently the best way to get a job in Canada from Nigeria. However, not every applicant will get a job in Canada. One of the reasons behind this is that only the most qualified applicants will be considered for immigration. Also, only candidates who meet the requirements of one of the federal immigration programs would be accepted.

There is, therefore, a need for you to improve your skills, educational status, or in general, your qualification if you are to have any chance of fulfilling your dream of working in Canada.

Get a Canada Work Permit

You can’t work in Canada without a work permit as a Nigerian. You, therefore, need to obtain a temporary work permit.

In order to obtain a Canadian work permit, you would need to submit all necessary documents online to the Government of Canada Website. The process of obtaining a Canadian work permit usually takes a period of 16 weeks for Nigerians.

There are different types of Canadian work permit you can apply for;

·        Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Based Work Permit

·        LMIA Exemption

·        NAFTA Work Permit

·        Business Visitors

·        Intra-Company Transfers

·        Post Graduate Work Permit

Preferred Category of Employable People

Below are the categories of immigrants who have higher chances of getting a job in Canada;

·        Students who graduated from any Canadian academic institution

·        Highly qualified professionals with good English or French communication skill

·        Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses

·        Construction workers

·        Pharmacists

·        Software engineer

·        Qualified engineers

·        Industrial electricians

·        Business management consultants

·        Fast food restaurant skilled and unskilled workers

·        Professional truck and cargo drivers

·        Skilled welding workers

·        Cleaners and Home keepers

·        Babysitters

·        Farmers and farm technicians

·        Steamfitter and pipefitters



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