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Most Profitable Side Hustles with the Highest Profit in Nigeria: 2021

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A side hustle can be seen as an activity you engage in to get you more money in addition to what you do for a living. A side hustle is therefore something that you do to help you get more money without quitting your job or your original source of income. This means that a side hustle shouldn’t be time-consuming and should provide you with enough time to focus on your main job while still providing you with passive income.

Most Profitable Side Hustles with the Highest Profit in Nigeria

In Nigeria, a side hustle is very important even when you have a good-paying job. A side hustle can help you double your income. It can also make you not to rely completely on your existing job or business thereby reducing the risk of getting poor if it should fail.

In this article, I would reveal to you the most profitable side hustles in Nigeria.

1.     Tutoring:

If you love teaching, then this side hustle may work fine for you. Tutoring involves you educating a person or group in certain subject areas.

You can make so much money by tutoring students in the elementary school, secondary school, or even those at any tertiary institution in your free time.

The money you earn depends on the number of students you can convince and how much you will have to charge them.

2.     Buy shares and stock:

This is brilliant means of making passive income. You can buy shares of a company and start earning dividends. However, you would need to learn more about this to be able to make smart investments that will profit you greatly.

3.     Songwriting:

This is pretty simple if you are talented at writing songs. You can write songs for others to sing and earn pretty well.

4.     Scriptwriting:

This is similar to songwriting. Scriptwriting involves you writing stories in the screenplay medium. You can write for those who make comedy skits, movies, etc., and make passive income.

5.     E-book Publishing:

E-book publishing is a side hustle that can make you millions of naira. This simply involves you writing and marketing an e-book. You can choose to market it yourself or pay someone with the skill to market it for. This side hustle would only be successful if you are a good and interesting writer.

6.     Writing and Marketing a  Book:

This is similar to e-book publishing, however writing and marketing a storybook in this context involves a traditional process of publishing and isn’t necessarily done online. If you are quite good at writing, the hope of realizing millions of naira from this side hustle may come true. 

7.     Sport Viewing Center:

Sport is an interesting game and the likelihood that it will fade away is almost 0 percent. You can open a sports viewing center and start earning passive income almost every day. 

8.     Blogging:

Blogging is a great way to earn a lot of money while still doing your main job. Blogging involves you creating a blog and writing in your free time. You can choose to sell products on your blog or monetize it with the help of ad network(s) like AdSense.

9.     YouTube Channel:

This involves creating and sharing videos on YouTube about anything. If you share an interesting video, the likelihood that the world may love it is high. You can make loads of profit from sharing a video on YouTube.

10.  Affiliate Marketing:

This involves marketing another person’s or a company’s product or services. This can be done online, as there are so many affiliate networks available on the internet for Nigerians. You can easily earn passive income as an affiliate marketer.

11.   Digital Marketing:

This is simply the use of the internet to reach customers and ultimately sell products or services. There are so many things you can sell on the internet like E-books, cars, phones, etc. You can utilize the power of blogs, social media, E-mail, etc. However, to succeed at this would involve in-depth learning. There are so many online resources about digital marketing scattered all over the internet. Also, you can learn directly from a tutor who is into digital marketing.

12.    Computer Repair:

You can make lots of money in repairing people’s computers. Firstly, you need to have the skill of repairing computer systems. Next, you need to let people know about the services you render. The wider your contact list, the more money you would make.

13.     Social Media influencing:

This involves you establishing yourself as being credible in a certain industry, having access to a huge number of audiences and being able to persuade their audiences to act on their recommendations.

As a social media influencer, you would be paid to sponsor products or services of individuals or companies. You can make it big if you are just that social.

14.   Web Design:

If you are good at designing websites, you can go use your skill to make you passive income. Today, almost every establishment needs a website in Nigeria. To succeed in the business, you would need to expand your contact list.

15.  Graphic Design:

This side hustle can be very interesting if you have the incredible skill of graphics designing. This involves creating visual content for those who require it. You can make big profits if you are truly good.

16.  Freelance Photography:

A freelance photographer is an entrepreneur that uses his or her skill as a photographer to make money. If you have the skill of being a photographer, you can start creating and selling pictures to organizations or individuals that need them.

17.  Freelance Writing:

A freelance writer is an entrepreneur that uses his or her skill in writing to make a profit. You can consider freelance writing as a side hustle in Nigeria if you are good at writing.

18.        Real Estate Brokerage:

You don’t need to own a house before you rent it out to someone that needs it. I don’t mean being a fraudster but what I do mean is, being a real estate broker. You can help connect those who have apartments for rent and those who need them just for a little charge. The wider your contact list, the more money you make.

19.  Ghost Writing:

A ghostwriter is someone that writes a work and isn’t credited for that work. You can choose to be a ghostwriter for people and start earning.

20. Event Planning:

Event planning is an interesting side hustle for those with good organizational skills. You can make a lot of money from event planning while still focusing on your main job.

21.    DJ services:

We all know what being a DJ is about. A DJ provides musical entertainment to those in need of it. It is a skill that can be learned by almost anyone passionate about it. It is a great side hustle that can provide you a lot of money.



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