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Free Online Courses for Kids

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Online courses have no doubt benefited millions of people around the world. Fortunately, there are a great number of online courses specially designed to help kids around the world gain quality education. Some of these online courses are completely free.

Free Online Courses for Kids
In this article, I will be revealing to you some free online courses for your kids. Before I do that, it would be relevant for you to know the benefits of these free online courses for kids.

Benefits of Online Courses for Kids

There are so many ways your child can benefit from free online courses. Some of these ways are listed below;

·        It is flexible. This means your kids can learn at the time that best fits their own needs or at their convenience

·        As long there is internet connection, students can learn anywhere; at home and even away from home.

·        It is self-paced. Children can take extra time in learning a new concept or a concept they find difficult. They can also speed up when they have mastered certain concepts.

·        It improves your child’s computer and internet proficiency.

·        Parents become more involved in their child’s education, therefore, making it easy for them to monitor the learning progress of their kids.

·        Online learning games can make children more engaged as they learn.

Free Online Courses for Kids

free online courses for kids

There is a wide range of free online courses for kids on the internet. Your kids can make use of these online courses to gain quality education and become brighter students.

These free online courses for kids are listed below;

1.     Khan Academy Kids:

Khan Academy offers one of the best free online courses for kids. The program is specially designed for children ages two to eight. Khan academy Kids offers thousands of educational activities, books, and lots more to inspire a lifetime of learning for your kids.


It is of great importance that your child knows about internet safety. This is because the internet can be a very unsafe place. is one of the top free websites that can help your child know more about internet safety and lots more about the internet. It is a great opportunity that you should grab now.  


E-learning for Kids is one of the best websites that offer free online courses for kids. Your child from anywhere in the world can enjoy free and fun education, thanks to E-learning for Kids.

4.     YouTube Channels:

Yes, YouTube! YouTube can act as a very helpful resource in helping your child enjoy free and fun education online. There are so many helpful channels on YouTube that offers a wonderful educational experience for your kids of all ages. Do not let your kids miss the exciting opportunity that YouTube has to offer.

5.     OpenCulture:

OpenCulture is a free online platform that provides cultural and educational media and resources. Kids can gain a lot through OpenCulture.

OpenCulture has a lot of high-quality audiobooks, online courses, and ebooks to help you not only kids gain life-long learning.

6.     MIT Opencourseware:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseWare offers free online courses mostly for older kids.

MIT OpenCourseWare offers online free courses in different departments.  

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